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Thursday 31 January 2019

Co-Author / Book Writer / Content Writer

Co-Author / Book Writer / Content Writer
Looking for Smart Bloggers Motivational Bloggers Blogger /  Content Writer


Project : New Paper Book on
Career Counseling | Career Guidance | Career Planning
Pages : 400 Aprox
MRP : INR 1199 [ Sale @799 ] 
Age : 21 to 35 Years
Exp : Freshers Only
Revenue Sharing : 70% - 30%  
Min Income : INR 2000 PM for 6 Months 
Investment : 70% - 30 % [ Aprox 15k - 10k] 
Needed at the end of the Book Writing work is a App and Blog based Start-Up of AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd is  Looking for New and Fresh, Smart, Creative, Innovative and Tech Savvy Graduate Females who wants to share their Knowledge As Co-Author Blogger /  Content Writer / Counselor in Your Own City. Your Blogs will be followed by different Pilots /  Students and Youth mostly. This will help Students to choose their Career so that they can be Great Doctors, Great Engineers, Great Pilots and other Great Professionals Tomorrow.

Skills Needed for  Co-Author [Work From Home] : 

• Good Communication Skills 
• Flexible, Can Think Out of the Box
• Creative, Innovative
• Possess the Zeal to Learn Blog Based Work from Home
• Confidence, Smart-Working
• A Good Team Player with a Willingness to Work in an Online Team

Career Counseling | Career Guidance | Career Planning

For a student who has just come out of School or is in School and is stressing on which course to take or which college to aim for, some help can come in handy. In a world full of neck-to-neck Competitions, it is always a good idea to remain absolutely informed and hence, sure about your choices. There are so many new Career Options that have come up which we might not be aware of and to break the conventions of the society we need a lot of convincing evidences. Career Counselling is a series of sessions where a student is told about the various Options he has in his field according to his inclinations and interests which we would otherwise not have given any importance to.

Career Counselling is the Process of understanding a student extensively and recommending a suitable Career Option for him / her. It helps students discover their true potential and choose a path that is best suited to his/her capacities.

Career Counseling can be of great help to students who are confused about which stream to choose for their secondary education. Counseling can help break the stigma that is attached to various subjects since the Counselors give convincing reasons and examples to choose a particular subject. It can be a wonderful rescue Plan for parents to approach an Online / Off Line Career Counselor if they are perplexed and worried about their child’s future and about the greatest decisions regarding their lives which is their children’s Career path. Career Counselor explains parents and students about the various prospects they have with their set of subjects and skills with a very precise Career path so that the child  remains absolutely stress-free about his / her future.

Career Counseling helps the people to make decisions in the life many of the times we all peoples are confused regarding taking the decisions which might be related to our Career, our life, and our Job, so here we are in a need of Career Counselor to choose the right way, they are experts and will help you to know yourself, what exactly you want and what exactly are you and suggest you the proper Guidance which is the best suitable to your Career.

Right Career Counselling plays an important role in your Career development Process. Nowadays we have plenty of Options for our Career so it obvious that anyone can get confused while choosing the correct Career so here Career Counsellor plays a major role.
Career Counselling will help you develop a broader understanding of your own self and about work and education, further helping you make informed educational, Career and life decisions.
Counsellors will help you in finding the right Career for yourself on the basis of your interest because you will succeed in your Career only when you will choose it according to your choice and interest only.

Career Guidance  ::

Right Career Guidance at the right time saves one’s time and energy. Most of the students and Professionals are struggling to discover their original interests and to decide upon their Career choice.

Career Planning

Career Planning is two different things that are closely related.

It can be searching for information to choose what Career is best for one to follow. The Career information is searched for pre-requisites like college classes or classes for a license in that field. It will inform you what the salaries are in this field, how many Job openings are available and what are the Opportunities for advancement.

In the second case it is searching in the field you are already a part of as how to advance and how to make more money. Does it pay for you to expend extra effort in your field or is it better to branch off into a similar Career that is more rewarding emotionally and monetarily for you? What changes in your life both at work and away from you Job you will have to make to choose either choice? Or should you changes Careers Completely?

Career Planning is a continous Process throughout ones Career, developing skills and knowledge throughout, opening various Opportunities. And the organisation itself is undergoing change from time to time with new technologies, approaches and such.

A Career Planning Process should be like

Identifying individual needs and Aspirations
Identifying suitable Career Opportunities as per your Skills, Aptitude, Aspirations
Analyse , Review and correct for further Planning

Whatever the choice is Planning is part of the Process.

Topics [TO BE COVER] .....

Career Counselling Services For School
Career Counselling Services For 9th Class
Career Counselling Services For 10th Class
Career Counselling Services For 11th Class
Career Counselling Services For 12th Class
Career Counselling for Indian Students 
Career Counselling Experts - 
Online Career Advisor | 
Online Career Counsellor 
Online Career Counseling
Credentials and Associations
Career Guidance for Class 8 
Career Counselling for Class 
Career Guidance After 10th 
Career Counselling After 10th 
What After 10th
Career Options After 12th 
Courses After 12th | What After 12th
Career After Graduation 
What to do 
Career Guidance for Professionals 
Career change at 40
Study Habit Test for 
11th and 12th std. | 
Study Habit Test for 8th, 9th. | 
Career Counsellor Online 
Career Counselling for School Students 
Career Guidance for Students
Career Counselling Centres in India - 
Impact of Stories
Exclusive Interviews
Inspirational stories
View Point
Our Experts
Career Counsellor Jobs
Post Career Counsellor Jobs
Psychometric Career Assessment
What to do after 10th
Choose Right Engineering Branch After 12th
Ideal Career Test
Psychometric Assessment for Vocational Careers
Commerce Career Selector
Humanities Career Selector
Professional Skill Index
Competitive Exam Calendars
Engineering Entrance Exam
Medical Entrance Exam
Management Entrance Exam
Law Entrance Exam
Design Entrance Exam
Mass Comm. Entrance Exam
Tourism and Hotel Management Entrance Exam
Online Courses
Education Loan

Study Abroad
Study in USA
Study in Europe
Study in UK
Study in Australia
Study in New Zealand
Study in Singapore
Study in Canada
Study in Dubai
Study in Hong Kong

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Best and latest Information about Career Planning and development at . Select Courses after 12th from various Career Options like management, engineering, IT, medical, arts and more.
?Career Guidance for 

BE MBA MCA Lawyer · ?
Career Guidance for Teacher  ?
Engineer · 
MBA In Foreign Trade

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Happy Landings ..........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd

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