Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Alfa Bizz Corp

 Alfa Business Corp Services
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Business Start up Training Program:

Alfa Bizz Corp Business is an Android Mobile App and Blog Based service for Female Business Owners and operated by AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. The Alfa Bizz Corp network launched in June 2019 as a way of giving Female Business owners more control of what shows in the Online Search Results when someone searches a Given Business Category or Name. Alfa Bizz Corp is a New Gen Low Cost No Frill Win-Win Business Concept diversified into many different verticles.
Alfa Bizz Corp   has a very unique and different Business Model.

Women's empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied.
Just to Engage with existing and develop strategic networks and opportunities for collaborative working, “Alfa Business Corp Services” came up with new innovative ideas in various segments like in Education, Content Writing as a blogger or content writer, Aviation Industry, Tour & Travels, Online Shopping, Banking Services like different kinds of loans,  etc.
Vision Statement – Confident, Passionate and Young women empowered to participate in and influence society.
Mission Statement - Supporting women’s professional to develop personally through various training & learning programs.
Passion Statement – To empower smart, educated & techno savvy women into self made individual within their capacity.
§  We welcome all equally
§  We value integrity, honesty and recognize our unique contribution
§  We use a person centred approach, realizing individual potential
§  We value accountability and promote quality through continued reflection and improvement
§  To provide various business solutions to smart women in a simplified manner so that they can utilize their potential in their interest area.
§  To be a catalyst for community development
§  To provide a responsive, supportive and innovative service
§   To grow and sustain an effective organization
§  Build sustainable revenue through a variety of restricted and unrestricted income streams
§  Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation tools and systems for impact measurement
§  Ensure sound organizational governance through an appropriately skilled Board of Directors
§  Recognize  volunteer expertise and provide opportunities for continued professional development
§  Maximize organizational effectiveness through actively seeking collaborative working opportunities

Our Start ups

    Team Advisory Boards
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Mystery Audits


Android Developer

Blog Writing

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