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Need New Bloggers

Need New  Bloggers
If You have Following Essential Blogging Skills You Need To Take our Blog From Zero To Hero. We are trying to be very  Different and Unique App and Blogging Team. We call it Think Out of the Box.

1. Content Writing Skills  :
The ONLY way to build a better Blog that makes money is to provide HUGE value to your audience.
How can you add value ? Only through your Content. Without Writing engaging, helpful and unique Content, you can NEVER build a profitable Blog.  You will need to understand the basics of presentation in terms of word usage (not overly technical), Writing style (conversational and friendly) and length (Blogs Articles with over 1,000+ words and Minimum 5 + Images usually rank well in Google).

2. Networking Skills  :
Networking is one of the best Blogging skills you can ever acquire. Not only Networking helps you connect with thousands of Bloggers but it also opens the doors for you to boost your website’s Traffic and sales.

3. Follow-Up Skills  :
You will want to engage readers by posting comments and questions regularly (at least 3 times per week). Fresh Content is what maintains reader interest. 

4. Photo Editing Skills  :
An Image is wroth a thousand words. We all know images go viral especially on social media. Using images in your Blog posts is the surefire way to increase your overall search rankings.  Photo editing skills is one of the must have Blogging skills you should acquire if you want to give a visual treat to your Blog audience.

5. Social Networking Skills  :
Social media is the new SEO. Not only it helps you boost your Blog Traffic quickly but you can find more audience for your Content. It is important that you learn how to use Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter so you may Network to gain readers for your Blog. Every professional Blogger who is making a lot of money now once was a beginner.

Think Out of the Box.

Need Fresh New Bloggers for Our Apps and Blogs

Who We Are :  is a Small Team of Professional Bloggers and Writers.  We are trying to be Writing experts. We’ve even won Awards, so we know the difference between good Writing, bad Writing, and mediocre Writing. We are trying to be very  Different and Unique. We call it Think Out of the Box. As of now has approx 700 Blogs and 30 Apps are ready and Online. All are very Different in Look and Feel.

Your piece needs to be Unique. The thing that killed a new Blog  Posting for most people ? The same Articles and Infographics being submitted to dozens of places over and over again. We  don’t want variations of old articles, and we definitely don’t  want reprints.

See our Blogs : Blog List

We also Accept Paid and Sponsore Guest Posts from other Bloggers,  Writers and Marketers as well. As the number of requests have  gone up, it’s easier to just Ceate this page than it is to send  the same eMails over and over again.

Your piece needs to be WELL-WritTEN.

We Don't Mind  if Blog Posting is Your Job. We’re going to be Jerks here. If your Job is to place guest posts on a bunch of  different Blogs for SEO purposes, You’re NOT Welcome.

We want to support Fellow Blogpreneurs and New Fresh Writers. We want to hear from Thought Leaders who are building their own  Brands and Blog Businesses, or Aspiring Writers building their  Blog Portfolio.

Basic Rules for Guest Posting on Our Blogs

-Become an Influencer In Your Niche
-InCease Your Search Engine Traffic
-High Quality Targeted Traffic
-Enhance Your Brand Awareness
-InCease Your Business ROI
-Generate More Leads

Topics :

-How to make Money with a Blog for beginners

-How do Bloggers make Money from Blogging

-Types of Blogs that make Money

-Top Money making Blogs

-How to Ceate your Blog

-How to Ceate a Blog for free on google

-How to make Money Blogging

-Make Money wordpress

-Blogging for beginners

-How to start a Blog

-Blogs about Blogging

Topics to be Covered in both App / Blog Start-Up

#Personal Loan
#Home Loan
#Car Loan
#Fixed Deposit

Think Out of the Box

How to Apply :

If you’re Interested in Paid Blog Posting for us, and we  haven’t Frightened you off, Please provide us following details  

Name :
eMail Id :
WhatsApp No :
Small Review of any of our Blog :[Approx 80-100 words]
See our Blogs from Blog List

Contact Us 

Phone :      +91-997-7513452
Web   :
Email :

PS :
We are trying to be very Different and Unique. We call it 
Think Out of the Box. All are very Different in Look and Feel.

-Write some good quality article for your Blog.
-Help people too much as much as you can.
-Give some time to your user. Try to solve their problem.
-Focus on solving their issues.
-post your article to the relevant group of social media website.
-Chat on social media with your user to solve their problem.
-Don’t think about your profit. Just focus on the customer major
issue. Profit will automatically come to you.
-Try to find high search volume and low competition keyword to get
more Traffic from search engine.7 Key Emotions That Make Customers Buy
Products From You

Think Out of the Box.

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Think Out of the Box.

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