Content Writers for The Best Freelance Websites to Find Work From Home Jobs Only for Those who can Think Out of the Box

Content Writers who can Think Out of the Box

The Best Freelance Websites to Find Work From Home Jobs
Only for Those who can Think Out of the Box

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Background in Blog Design (preferred but not mandatory)

- Proven ability to interact and coordinate with teams across
time zones / locations

Function Specific Activities:

Content creation and Management (Writing content and
coordinating with freelancers for content writing, graphic
designing, video making, etc) Responsibilities and Duties

Writing Content (Product Descriptions, Blogs, Articles, Press
Releases, etc)  Coordinating with content creating freelancers to develop new  content, graphics designing, videos, tutorials, press releases,  etc.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

No previous  experience in Content Writing required

Job Type: Full-time

Job Responsibilities:

Write, edit, and proofread articles for Apps, Blogs, Websites Conceptualize & generate copy / content for ad campaigns Co-ordinate between business units to generate content for  newsletters, emailers, articles & press releases
Collaborate with the creative team to create weekly posts for
Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest & other Social Media

Generate content that inspires community dialogue, replying to  fan comments & moderating feedback/suggestions posted on social  media channels  Write and edit for marketing collaterals  Work with the editorial team to brainstorm new ideas of content  generation to increase website traffic 

Excellent verbal & written communication skills Sound knowledge of SEO principles. 
Knowledge of blogging ecosystem.
Ability to think ‘out of the box’ & perform in high pressure
work environment.
Advertising Industry experience preferred.
Mail your detailed CV with information mentioned below to

Job Type: Full-time

Experience : Optional 

Photoshop :
Content Writer:
Social Media:

Women In Entrepreneurship for an App based Educational Blog Based Start-Ups We have so many App and Blog Based Start-Ups only for very Creative and Innovative Women Entrepreneurs having along their Entrepreneurial path.  New networks and better access to Capital can help Women  Entrepreneurs overcome the barriers they have Encountered along  their Entrepreneurial path.

Advantages of App And Blog Based Start-Ups

1. Preservation by App And Blog Based Start-Ups of their
Economic and legal independence.

2. The use of the Brand, which has won the Loyalty of Customers  and a good Reputation.

3. Entry into a proven system and its use.

4. Saving resources for learning, teaching, formation of
Business, Marketing, Advertising, Vendor selection, and so on

5. Support from an experienced Partner.

6. The increase of competitive advantages of App And Blog Based  Start-Ups

7. Financing of the Investment and obtain profits from it

8. App And Blog Based Start-Ups Business is considered as more  reliable in comparison with Business start-ups and less exposed  to the risk of bankruptcy App And Blog Based Start-Ups Business is on fire these days, my  Ideas for the best franchise as looking forward to this period  of time is the company, who is achieving sucacess day by day  because of their working ethics and responsibility of  fulfilling their Customer's needs at a time. The best franchise


Our Websites to Find Work From Home Jobs Only for Those who can Think Out of the Box

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