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How to Decide Your Writing Niche By Harneet Kour #contentwriter #freelance #niche #content #writing

  How to Decide Your Writing Niche   By @ Harneet Kour #contentwriter #freelance #niche #content #writing There are two main categories of Freelance Content Writers- Generalists and Specialists.  Freelance writers who fall in the first category write about everything. They write about food, travel, healthcare, or even website content. These writers work with different industries. Specialists, however, follow a particular niche. They have expertise in writing about a specific industry. They prefer to write with associated companies.  Should we opt to be a Generalist or Specialist? It is your personal choice. If you enjoy writing and working with different industries, be a generalist. In this article, however, we will discuss how a specialist works. This article will help you decide on a particular niche ( if you are thinking of being a specialist). Here are five simple ways to help you decide your niche: Think about what you want to write. Ask yourself a simple question. What do you enj


NETWORKING TO BE A SUCCESSFUL  MBA Though networking is a key part of every long-term career strategy, it is something that many people struggle with.  Whether you are planning to apply to business school in the future or are already an MBA/graduate school student, a strong network will position the students for success at every stage of your career. So here are five ways students can network better during your MBA  Seek out a mentor at work or during your internship  Have meaningful conversations with alums  Use social media to create digital connections     Surabhi Chourasia (MBA) Marketing manager   

What Makes People Charming?

  What Makes People Charming? 🔯 Non-judgmental nature. If you have this trait, you are probably familiar with the effect it can have on people around you; they feel comfortable to be themselves around you and are willing to share most things they usually don’t tell to just anyone. 🔯 Having an optimistic attitude towards life. 🔯 A strong personality. 🔯 Honesty. 🔯 Genuineness. 🔯 Being true to themselves, their ideals, values, and goals. You can rely on these people because they will defend you just as much as they defend their moral system. 🔯 Being open-minded. Talking to close-minded people is like talking to a wall; it’s useless and frustrating. The conversation takes two people, not a wall and person. Open-minded people are fun to be around because they will actually listen to what you have to say, even if they don’t necessarily agree with everything you say. That’s how we exchange our perspectives and learn from each other in the process. 🔯 Having good manners and tact. 🔯 No

We at @AeroSoft Corp - An @AirCrews Aviation P Ltd Company, Urgently #Hiring for the following Positions

We at @AeroSoft Corp  - An  @AirCrews Aviation P Ltd   Company,   Urgently #Hiring for the following Positions- #Digital_Marketing_Manager (1+ Years) #Presales_Consultant (2-5 Years) #dayshift #Reactjs  #Nodejs_Developer (1+ Years) #iOS_Developer (.6 Year) #Lead_Flutter_Developer (2+ Years) #Network_Engineer (5+ Years) #React_Native_Developer (1+ Years) #Python_Developer (0.6 Years) Send us Your Info on Post :    1. Full Name----------------- 2. Date of Birth---------------- 3. City ------------------- 4. Sex -------------- 5. Educational Qualification  -------------- 6.  Career Options  : Student Interns   Personal SWOT Analysis [ Optional ]  Strengths :  Weaknesses :  Opportunities : Threats  :  7. Email        : 8. WhatsApp : 9. Linkedin : 10 Instagram : Interested aspirants do share ViSume  at Location- #wfh [always]  Start-Ups List :