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What Makes People Charming?

  What Makes People Charming? 🔯 Non-judgmental nature. If you have this trait, you are probably familiar with the effect it can have on people around you; they feel comfortable to be themselves around you and are willing to share most things they usually don’t tell to just anyone. 🔯 Having an optimistic attitude towards life. 🔯 A strong personality. 🔯 Honesty. 🔯 Genuineness. 🔯 Being true to themselves, their ideals, values, and goals. You can rely on these people because they will defend you just as much as they defend their moral system. 🔯 Being open-minded. Talking to close-minded people is like talking to a wall; it’s useless and frustrating. The conversation takes two people, not a wall and person. Open-minded people are fun to be around because they will actually listen to what you have to say, even if they don’t necessarily agree with everything you say. That’s how we exchange our perspectives and learn from each other in the process. 🔯 Having good manners and tact. 🔯 No