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Lubna Anjum

"Life is not only about winning and achieving but rather exploring, learning and getting en experience of a lifetime for her." Lubna Anjum is a person who believes in following what her heart says taking along with the suggestions from her mind. Belongs from Sultanpur, UP, has been born and brought up in the capital city of India.  Having stepped into her twenties, studies  Journalism from Kalindi College, Delhi University, her aim is not only to become a successful person one day but also a better person by bringing about a change in society - against the existing stereotypes and the so called taboos. Having stepped in the media field believes that media platforms can influence people and create networks easily. She loves to read, write, interact with people and explore new things. Believes in practically trying things after gaining their theoritical knowledge and considers internships as the best option available. She has an optimistic approach towards life - what

Shruti Bansal

Shruti Bansal is a B.Tech Computer Science student and always looking forward for upcoming opportunities in her life. She is smart working and dedicated woman who wants to achieve the height of success with her work. As she is computer science student she likes to program in java. Apart from this she works in the field of data science and Big data. She completes her work successfully not only due to commitment towards her work but also due to her interest. For her, World is full of opportunity which brings new opportunities and challenges in life every morning and legend is the one who accept these challenges with cup of coffee and a smile.  Shruti is a simple girl who loves her family and friends and lives her life with dreams in her eyes. She has fond of food and loves to try different variety of it. Coffee is the hard time partner for her as it helps to keep her energies and awake in the night. She is quite lazy and crazy but nice hearted person. Her mother is the sour

Shelly Gupta is young and enthusiastic girl from Delhi. Currently, she is pursuing B.Tech in Biotechnology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi.

Shelly Gupta is young and enthusiastic girl from Delhi. Currently, she  is pursuing B.Tech in Biotechnology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. Fitness is her pursuit to happiness. She aims to become a fitness blogger on social media for that she is learning social media marketing and side by side working hard for fitness. She is motivated by desire of serving needy. She is working with an NGO where she organised a collection drive in her campus  and collected a lot of stuff like clothes and toys and gave them to needy. She plays Football, participated in various tournaments and won medals. She has also participated in Kabaddi and Tug of War. She has represented her university in national tournaments. For her  social media marketing seems as storytelling. She loves documenting and possess excellent storytelling skills. She reads books on social media marketing and a lot of her current knowledge about SMM comes from Gary Vaynerchuk's youtube videos. She

Kirti Sharma

Kirti Sharma is a little girl with big ideas, who has just seeped up the teenage. She is a literature student who likes to dream and live in the world of dreams. She is attracted to books and writing comes as a compliment to it. She is a reader by day and writer by night. She says that studying literature has made her experiment with different prospects and ideologies in life and has helped her in generating an unbiased approach towards life.  She is a typical Delhi girl and likes challenges in life. She has been part of many internship programs. She is an avid writer and also writes for blogs and many other websites. Being a Delhite, she also takes a keen interest in flaunting fashion. Fashion, according to her, is about something that comes from you within. Kirti is inclined a lot towards helping others. She considers that kind gestures can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. Taking this into consideration, she is involved in many NGO activities. She defines

Mahima Uppal

Mahima Uppal is a student studying BA (JMC) from Tecnia Institute Of Advanced Studies. Journalism and Blogging are her interests. She has a strong desire to write as she understood that how easily things can be explained by simply using pen and paper. Later as she grew up social media gained popularity among all the age groups and she understood that how  easily social media can help in spreading a message with a large audience is the reason that she now wantsto make a carrier in social media marketing. She is now interested in doing internships as internships really help in getting experience. She believes that experience and studies are what goes for a lifetime. The more the experience, the more the knowledge. She lives in New Delhi, India and was born in New Delhi. She is glad that she is from India as India is a country with different religions, cultures, festivals and languages. India itself has a lot to give to its citizens. She is thankful to Alfa Bloggers for giving h

Shalu Jain

Shalu is fervent,beautiful,young, attractive girl from the city rich in archaeological heritage,pashupatinath temple is one of the  prominent shrines in Mandsaur.In the pursuit of her dreams of being an entrepreneur ,she joined MBA (Entrepreneurship) in  IIPS DAVV INDORE, she has completed her schooling from ST.THOMAS SCHOOL ,MANDSAUR,and graduation from PRESTIGE  INSTITUTE ,INDORE .She had been an intern at SWASTIK AGENCIES ,INDORE .Her communication skills and leadership  qualities makes her stand out in the crowd. She loves exploring new places and enjoys solitude ,despite this singing is  something that she enjoys as a food to her soul and even passionate about Dancing.  she is concern about her health and beauty and believes them being her confidence boosters . She was also a part of largest backward walk ,which has its name in GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS,and an event  coordinator at IND V/S AUS T-20 2017. From being a commoner to being on top of the w