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Thursday 21 December 2017

Mahima Uppal

Mahima Uppal is a student studying BA (JMC) from Tecnia Institute Of Advanced Studies. Journalism and Blogging are her interests. She has a strong desire to write as she understood that how easily things can be explained by simply using pen and paper. Later as she grew up social media gained popularity among all the age groups and she understood that how  easily social media can help in spreading a message with a large audience is the reason that she now wantsto make a carrier in social media marketing.
She is now interested in doing internships as internships really help in getting experience. She believes that experience and studies are what goes for a lifetime. The more the experience, the more the knowledge.
She lives in New Delhi, India and was born in New Delhi. She is glad that she is from India as India is a country with different religions, cultures, festivals and languages. India itself has a lot to give to its citizens.
She is thankful to Alfa Bloggers for giving her a chance to work in the field of Social Media Marketing.

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