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Recession is hurting the Poor, not Middle Class

Everybody talks about the middle class being hurt in the Obama economy, but it's really the working poor who are getting crushed. The president boasts that he and four more years of his trickle-down government policies are going to save the middle class' bacon, eggs and jobs. And at the Tuesday night cockfight on Long Island, our presumptive ex-commander in chief accused Mitt Romney of being hypocrite and a liar who wants to help the rich at the expense of the middle class. The middle class has become an important political football this fall, but no one knows what the middle class actually is. It's certainly true the middle class has been hurt by the Great Recession. But the biggest losers are the working poor. When the economy goes south, they are the first to lose their jobs or see their paychecks shrink. The president doesn't talk about helping them. But the working poor are people like my daughter, a schoolteacher in Southern California. And Victor,