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Save Our Drivers from Ola, Uber

Save Our Drivers  from  Ola, Uber  Poor Drivers in India join their Counterparts on indefinite Strike against Ola, Uber  The fight between cab aggregators and driver partners just doesn’t seem to end.  On Thursday , over a lakh drivers from Drivers and Owners Association who are attached to Ola and Uber called for an indefinite strike in Bengaluru. The offices of the aggregators have also been ransacked. While this spells problems for the companies, the commuters are the ones most affected, with many finding it difficult to book cabs and, if they manage to, having to fork out more than the usual for their rides. One commuter had to bribe the driver with the promise of an extra Rs 200 for an airport ride. “The unions are stopping the cabs and are demanding that the commuters leave the vehicle and they aren’t even letting us take the vehicle to the side of the road,” said a driver partner associated with Ola and Uber. The strike in Benglauru was called for bette