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Good Phrases Unsuccessful People are Always Use

How  Good Phrases Unsuccessful People are Always Use I Know so many UnSuccessful People. All of them lives in a Bubble of Hopelessness. One person I know is so unhappy and stuck that he seems to always be moving backward, not forward faltering so much in his Lack of Productivity that it's almost comical. Being around Unsuccessful People is never so much of Fun. If You listen to folks who can't seem to push ahead in their Career or who have never Started a Company or led Large Groups of People, they all seem to mimic the same Speech Patterns.  They all Talk the very Same Language.  Here are some Good Phrases they Always Use.  Spot this Negative Talk in others (or in YourSelf), and you will find the wrench in Your Business  Growth. 1. That's Not Possible [ Impossible]  The most Unsuccessful People are Always Pointing out What is not Possible.  They Live in a World of ImPossibilities;  They have a Solid Can't Do Attitude.