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How to Write a Blog Post - For Beginners

How to Write a Blog Post - For Beginners Starting a Travel Blog without knowing how to is like, Traveling to an unknown destination without a GPS. There is no guaranty that you might end up at the right place. The first thing you should know is the Purpose behind starting a Blog . Is it just for passion? Is it because you like to Travel? Or is it because you want to make a career in Travel Blogging? Once you find an answer, it will be easy for you to begin. If you are really passionate about Travel Blogging and if you are looking forward to invest your time then, you must know everything about how to write a perfect Travel Blog. There are certain elements of writing a Blog post which we are going to learn today. 1. Having a Purpose I've mentioned this earlier as well, having a purpose is really really important. You must know why you are writing a Blog. Your Blog should be useful for someone. It should either solve someone's problem or provide a solution. For example.