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The Air Transport Industry is on Life Support

The Air Transport Industry is on Life Support ! This will have a major impact on our lifestyle ... Indian Aviation is on Pink Slip No one can Save Indian Aviation, not even the Government. Any amount by the Government or investors or in bank loans will be insufficient for these companies to survive. It can be just Air India. Unfortunately, We have such a Worst Govt  ever without any vision for the Aviation Industry.  Promoters of Go Air India Ltd wrote a letter to their employees and said that they are waiting to hear from the Government on bailout Packages. They can wait, they will not hear anything. Even though oil is available cheaper, the large value center of employee remuneration remains high and has low demand. Indians look at the landscape in Aviation. Air India, being a Government is paid to them even if it is late. Vistara cut salary, but it was considered reasonable. The employees have a certain level of trust with the Indian promoters, the Indian Tata group. Go Air&#