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We’ve had a fair amount of interest from people who want to share guest posts on Aerosoft Blogger, and as such, have created these guidelines to help you. Remember that these are guidelines . . . we’re looking for bloggers who can express themselves and challenge our worldwide audience to be affected, to think, and be moved to respond by what they read here. Only article of the highest quality content will be considered. If you are unsure, read about 3-4 random articles and get a feel for my writing style and how I structure articles. You will soon spot a trend on how I construct my posts. And if you are trying to submit an article about some new “get rich” scheme that you and your wife created, don’t even bother! I don’t care how “proven” it is. Topics We’re open to articles on almost everything pertaining to blogging, making money online, internet marketing, social media marketing, social commentary, economics, human reAerosofts, and business development. Submissions must be