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Showing posts with label #air #crews #aviation #writer #thoughts #aviation #fashionblogger #luxury #styleinspiration #blogoart #trendy #blogger. Show all posts

Thursday 9 May 2019

About Us

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd., the only startup in the Aviation sector, covers diverse domains of Aeronautics like Air Charters, Pilot Training, and Aviation HR Services. There are services like Aviation Apps, Aviation Books, Aviation Blogs, Aviation Lead Generation, Aviation Link Building, Aviation Expo, Aviation B2B, Aviation B2C, Aviation SEO/SMM, and Aviation Management Internships for IIT and IIM students only.

There are various categories of clients which AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd serves such as Air Charters to Tycoons, Pilot Training to buddy Pilots, Aviation HR Services to AME, Cabin Crew and Pilots, Aviation Blogs to AME, Aviation Lead Generation to Pilot Training Academy, Aviation Link Building to AME, and Management Internships for IIT and IIM students only.

For creating a skilled workforce, the organization provides regular workshops and trainings; a paramount support is rendered to the team. A formidable team has been created to provide valuable services.

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd has a tremendous faith on Research and Development department for ensuring a continuous growth, and delivery of flawless services.

“To soar, one needs to Dream big, and live with it to turn into reality”, remarks the creator of this reputed organization.

Working relentlessly day and night, it conquers autonomy in the aerial sector, and emerged as an astounding venture for the upcoming Flying aspirants.

Our company is a one-stop solution for all Your Work From Home Start-Up requirements and help Aviation Companies in revenue generation. We are a group of Professionals delivering world-class Aviation, Blogging, Content Writing, SEO, SMM and Internet Solutions.

Quality work, profound IT expertise, client satisfaction, Revenue generation and being deadline driven is what we consider as our core competencies.
We are a pioneer in providing total offshore and onshore web-based and stand-alone solutions for small to large Aviation and Non Aviation Organizations.

Career Counselling

Individual Pre counseling sessions
Creative case history.
Psychometric Testing
Family counseling sessions
Presenting executive summary/career profile.

Motivating Workshops
Talk Shows
Summer Camps
Interactions with related professionals


It is a special program designed to expose the students to all aspects of a particular career. It is held for the group of fifty or more. Here the group can select any four careers from the Career Bank and then each career is dealt with in one session of 45 minutes to one hour. In these programs our motive is to provide maximum information to the students regarding career. It includes following aspects: Introduction and identifying with the issues of career planning, importance of career planning, factors influencing career decision making, methodology for making right career decisions, options within each stream.

  Know Yourself:

Identification of  How? Inputs from friends, family:

Interest Inclinations
Areas to improve upon
Personal Characteristics
Extra-curricular activities
Career assessment program

Career Awareness:
Know more about the career of your choice
Nature of work
Work roles
Emerging trends
Career path / Study route
Related careers / back-up options

Career Talks
Self Awareness Workshops
Career Exhibition
Career Guidance

Career Fit:
Which career is most suited
Best route to reach there
Develop important skills needed
Develop the right attitude for success

Quick Links
Career Counselling
Career Programs
Career FAQ's
Career Test
Career Test Registration
Career Test Link

App and Blog Design And Development
Mobile Apps
Cloud Application Development

Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Lead Generation
Aviation Customer Support
Pay Per Click Advertising

Aviation Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Data Mining & Analytics
Mystery Audits
Aviation  Search Engine Optimization
Aviation Consulting

Career Counselling payment can be deposited in our accounts directly. Our account details are :


AC         :  AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd
AC NO      :  918020037237714
IFSC       :  UTIB0001681
PAN        :  AAQCA9267L

GooglePay : 9826008899
PayTm       :  9826008899

eMail ::

Tuesday 19 June 2018


Dear Interested Candidate,

Good Day 

Are you a Smart Mom who has quit 9-6 Job just for your lovely Child?

Are you an Ex-Corporate or currently Working ?

There is a Great Opportunity for you all who wish to

** If you are committed to Work online for 4-5 Hours daily.
** Work from Home / Anywhere only online
** Utilize your spare time effectively and
** Have a handsome Income
** Android App based Works  [ Need to download all our Apps] 
** Keen to learn Online Android App Based Businesses

Our company, is a corporate Partnership of well-placed Entrepreneurs in the World and we are characterized by an emphasis on integrity, and a straight forward and practical business styles. 

We are into Global Aviation Training And  Support, Bloggers Commodity , Travels, App, Import / Export, Market Research and Product launch, Introductions to Joint Venture Partners, and acting as manufacturer's agents for Corporations and our expertise are food and commodities,  Agro Products, Automobiles, Global Trading Support, Logistic support, home appliances, apparels and Textiles. 

We are currently recruiting 60 Smart Tech Savvy Womans well Organized, Ambitious and Quick-Learning Executives to join our Smart Team. The  Smart Executiveswill be responsible for providing Administrative Support directly to the CEO in our different branches, and at times, to other Senior Leadership at the company main office. 

They will be responsible for directly supporting the CEO with Administrative Tasks including 

Mystery Audits
App Developement
Blog Writing
Scheduling Meetings, 
Maintaining Calendars, 
Booking Travel, 
Sending Packages, 
Greeting Office Guests, 
and More 

And will also be chiefly Responsible for managing various systems and processes in the office, such as the electronic sign-in kiosk, the employee intranet database, and interoffice email distribution lists, among others.

I am contacting you this way because I think you may be interested or have a close friend She may urgently need an Employment. 

Contact me back to introduce you to my company to shortlist you for an online interview. 
Hence I request you to email your CV to me directly and also fill the below online questionnaires.

Send us Your

1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. Nationality-------------------

4. Sex --------------

5. Age --------------

6. Expected Daily Time -------------------- 

7. Email        : 

8. WhatsApp : 

9. Facebook  : 

Work Prefer [ See List of Works ] 

A :
B :
C :
D :
E : 
F : 

Download  List of Works [ Sample of Our Apps ]

1.Best Career Guidance

2.Aspire Women Shopper

3.Promote Your Android App

4.Awesome Shopper

5.Savvy Women

6. All In One Shopping Android App

7.Crazy Baba

8.Satpura Tiger Park

AeroSoft CorpLifestyle

10.All Airlines News

11.Think Positive And Fly High

12.Shirdi Sai Baba App in English And Hindi

13. Motivational Quotes For Aviators

14. Your Birth Month Link

15.FinTech StartUp

16.World of Airplane

17.Alfa Travel Blog

18.Alfa App Store Optimization

19.Promote Your Android App

20.Love The WonderFul Feeling

21.Welcome to


23.Best Motivation Quotes

24.Alfa Pilot Shop

25.AeroSoft Aviation News

26. GK Quiz


28.Art Artist

29.Flying Crews


As you take Steps in the Right Path to Build Your Career with us. 

Good luck! 

AirCrews  Aviation  P  Ltd

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Looking for App and Blog Developer for Our Start-Up Company