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Leadership Styles of Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

Leadership Styles of Business Leaders by    Darshana Khandelwal By finding the most significant Leadership Styles that will be good for the Business Leader and the employees might help in bringing the Business much closer towards the Success. Let’s discuss some of the effective Leadership Styles that are essential for the Business Leaders. #Democratic Leadership Style This kind of Leadership is the one which is being used by the Business Leader to take the ideas and suggestions from the team members and give equal opportunities at the time of making Decisions in the organization. One of the best ways to retain employees in the organization is their proper involvement. It could be considered as one of the effective Leadership Styles at the workplace. Democratic Leadership Style is The way of involving the other, Members of the team during the process Of making Decisions Autocratic Leadership Style In this style of Leadership, Leaders does not involve the team members to make Decisions.