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Sumana Ganguly

Sumana Ganguly  Sumana has over 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing & Content Writing Industry, developing content for clients from various domains across the world. As a Passionate Blogger, she loves writing about travels, fashion, and lifestyle. Travelling gives her opportunity to explore and experience new things while writing down her travel stories gives her the pleasure of making people see through her words. She is particularly keen on sharing Travel Stories, Tips  and Information based in South East Asia.  As a Master’s in English from Presidency College, Kolkata, she looks forward to creating magic with words and developing unique, informative and insightful content.  Sumana Ganguly Facebook:  https://www. Linkedin : sumana-ganguly-9920b1135/ #Best_Travel_Bloggers_ofAsia, #Top_Indian_Travel_Bloggers, #Travel_Bloggers_in_SoutheastAsia, #BestTravelBl