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Friday 29 March 2024

What do you do if your Personal Brand doesn't reflect your Social Impact Career Goals?

All  Public Administration  Social Impact

Every aspect of Public Administration has a Social Impact.

What steps should you take if your Personal Brand doesn't align with your Career Goals in Social Impact?

Define your audience:

Start by reflecting on your values, passions, and career aspirations. Identify aspects of your Personal Brand that diverge from your social impact goals. Specify your objectives within the realm of social impact, including the causes you're passionate about, the type of change you want to effect, and the audience you want to influence. Adjust your Personal Brand to reflect your social impact goals, which might involve updating your digital presence such as your website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn to emphasize your commitment to societal progress. Ensure consistent messaging of your values and mission across all platforms.

Evaluate your current Brand:

Approach your online presence like a detective investigating a case. Conduct a thorough search of yourself online. Do the search results align with your social impact aspirations, or do they diverge? Be prepared to critically assess yourself and seek feedback from others to gain different perspectives. Identify areas where your Personal Brand deviates from your social impact goals and consider adjustments.

Enhance your Brand assets:

Transitioning from Sales to a Full-Time Social Impact Career: Utilize your skills and network effectively.

As I shift my focus to full-time engagement in social impact, I've recognized the value of my sales and business development background in this field. I've taken proactive steps to align my professional narrative with this transition:

Revamped CV: Updated to showcase how my sales expertise contributes to meaningful social change, emphasizing skills like relationship-building and strategic planning.

Reconnected with Former Colleagues: Reached out to past connections to explore collaboration opportunities in the social impact sector.

Purposeful Networking: Engaged with my network to learn from others' experiences and deepen my understanding of social impact issues.

Clear Branding: Articulated specific interests and objectives within the social impact landscape to attract opportunities aligned with my values.

Demonstrate your thought leadership:

Speaking Engagements: Actively seek opportunities to speak at events focused on relevant topics, sharing experiences and ideas to inspire change.

Building Credibility: Speaking at reputable events establishes credibility and positions me as a trusted voice in the field.

Expanding Network: Engage with like-minded professionals to broaden my network and foster collaboration.

Targeted Approach: Focus on events and organizations dedicated to my areas of interest to maximize impact.

Expand your network strategically:

Join Relevant Communities: Participate in online and offline groups focused on your interests.

Attend Industry Events: Network at conferences and workshops related to your field.

Engage on Social Media: Connect with influencers and organizations to expand your online presence.

Offer Value: Share expertise and contribute to the community.

Leverage Alumni Networks: Utilize connections from past educational institutions.

Additional considerations:

Offline Interactions: Attend networking events and conduct informational interviews.

Professional Development: Invest in continuous learning and skill development.

Volunteer Work: Get involved in relevant initiatives.

Public Speaking: Seek opportunities to speak at local events.

Mentorship: Offer mentorship to aspiring professionals.

Maintain Authenticity: Stay true to your values in all interactions.

Incorporating both online and offline strategies will help create a comprehensive Personal Brand aligned with your goals in promoting social impact.

What do you do if your Personal Brand doesn't reflect your Social Impact Career Goals?


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