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Friday 29 June 2012

Aviation Recession in USA Global Recession Threatens New Aircraft Development

New aircraft that embody a host of innovations have been rolling off the assembly line, transforming the way people travel and transport goods. However, as the global recession worsens and credit tightens, many experts worry that new aircraft development will suffer.

Aviation is in the midst of enormous prosperity; much of this growth is due to historic technological advancements in fixed-wing aircraft design and manufacturing. However, the global recession and stratospheric oil prices loom as a threat. In the last few weeks, four airlines have filed for bankruptcy, with perhaps more to follow. What does it all mean for new aircraft? These questions will be answered by a forthcoming webinar, New Aircraft, New Opportunities.

A confluence of market demands is generating exciting opportunities for new fixed-wing aircraft around the globe, such as Very Light Jets (VLJs), a new breed of transport that promises to revolutionize travel.

Also in the vanguard of aviation manufacturing technology are composite aircraft. The use of these miracle materials is sweeping all sectors of aviation, but the industry is still struggling with how composites will change conventional ways of flying and doing business.

This webinar will be of great interest for anyone in the aviation industry who's involved in airframe manufacturing, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), airline operations - you name it. Aviation executives, engineers, mechanics, pilots, consultants, regulators, and other decision-makers of all types will want access to the up-to-date information and incisive analysis that this webinar will convey.

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