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Saturday 12 February 2022

Looking for Fresh Content Writers with 0 to 1 year of Experience

Looking for Fresh Content Writers 

with 0 to 1 year of Experience.

Job Location- Work from Home


Lessons for Business Leaders

Key Responsibilities:

#Research Ideas and facts pertinent to the type of Content / Topic L B L Lessons for Business Leaders assigned.

#Develop ideas derived from online/offline research and organize the same on

paper or computer applications.

#Sort out workable ideas by a process of elimination and keep eliminated ideas

stored for future reference.

#Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming by following

instructions provided for each type of document.

#Develop engaging content for articles, Blogs, stories and social media to entice and engage audience.

#Proofread content for errors or additions and ensure that content is Written per


#Ensure that web page content is edited properly to increase on-screen readability.

#Think up titles for each piece of content keeping appropriateness in check.

#Copy, edit and proofread content created by other Content Writers to provide

detailed feedback.

#Ensure that content contains sufficient #Keywords for search engine optimization [SEO / SMM] 

#Manage user-generated content on Social Media Sites.

#Manage the Social Media Presence.

Requirements –

1.    Be Organized

2.    Communicate Effectively

3.    Professional Appearance

4.    Enjoy Solving Problems

5.    Quick Decision

6.    Have Strong Work Ethics

7.    Time Management

8.   Team Management


#Very Creative and Flexible Writing style to address multiple audiences while maintaining the brand voice

#Experience researching and reporting on relevant industry trends and best

practices to identify opportunities for new or improved SEO content.

#Must be able to Write content optimized for SEO

#Demonstrated experience Writing blog posts

#Ability to develop new topics, research, and find a unique spin on existing topics


English/Hindi Content Writing: Preferred

Work Remotely:

Send us your details including the following:

1. Full Name:

2. Date of Birth:

3. City/Nationality:

4. Gender:

5. Educational Qualification:

6. WhatsApp No.:

7. Email ID:

8. Linkedin :


Lessons for Business Leaders

Project List : 

Lessons from Business Leader

Leadership to Build Great Team and Winning Team

Pay Out for English Fresher Content Writers

Rs 80 Per Story up to 10 Article

Rs 100 from 11 - 20 Article

Rs 120 from 21 - 30 Article

Rs 140 from 31 - 40 Article

Rs 150 Afetr 41 Article onwards

After every 10 Article Bonus of Rs 100 

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Customer Opinion - What Do Customers Actually Think About Your Business?

Customer Opinion - What Do Customers Actually Think About Your Business?

An important thing to understand in business is what customers actually think about your business. We don’t just mean surface perception - we mean real feedback and useful opinions that you can use to benefit your business and help it grow.

After all, without customers, no business can hope to survive. It is therefore important to have a variety of methods of gaining customer opinion. Also, it is important to understand how to use that feedback to make improvements to your business. We take a look at both these things below!

How to get valuable customer feedback

First, you must know how to get customer feedback. It must be the right type of feedback. I.e. opinions and information that has a basis in truth, and really reflects how your customers feel about your business - no fake rubbish from people who just want freebies! There are some simple things you can do to obtain customer opinions that will genuinely help your business:

Product Reviews & Ratings

One of the best things you can do is to allow customers to leave product reviews and ratings on your website. Many online store builders like Shopify and Square have the ability to add product rating and product review widgets to your products.

The rating system is a simple thing that allows you to see which products are performing better. Also, product reviews can give you greater insight into what customers liked and disliked about your products/services. Always remember to see each review from an objective viewpoint. This is because people can often be overly negative or positive, depending on their experience with your business.

Social Media user Content

Social media interactions are another simple and effective way to gauge customer opinion. If you have an active social media presence, you can read through the comments left by users. Do they like your content? What have they said about your products and services?

Different social media platforms also have an array of tools that allow you to get better insight too. For example, Facebook has an option to add polls to your posts. 


Questionnaires are also a brilliant way to gain more in-depth and valuable feedback. There are many online platforms you can use to create questionnaires like and Smart Survey.

You must craft your questionnaires carefully and include questions that will give information that you can utilize for improvements. Also, to make sure that customers engage with the survey, you should offer them some type of benefit. For example, a common method is to do a prize giveaway. This could be something like all customers who complete the questionnaire are automatically entered into a prize draw. 

How to use that feedback to improve your business

Now that you have a range of different methods of obtaining info, you must put the data to good use. The most important thing you can do is listen to customer feedback, make changes, and show your customers that you have heard them. 

Customers who feel that their opinion is valued are far more likely to make repeat purchases, and also sing the praises of your business to others. For example, perhaps most customers say your business logo needs improving from a questionnaire about branding. From this, you could use a free platform like LogoCreator to improve the design or make a completely new logo.

Spending time reading customer feedback is vital to the success of your business. Generally, customers can give you the best insight into your business, and how it could improve so always listen to them, and never simply disregard their opinion!

Boyd Fuller

Thursday 30 September 2021

Your Good Times tell the World Who You Are and Your Bad Time tells You What The World Is

Your Good Times 

tell the World 

Who You Are


Your Bad Time 

tells You 

What The World Is

Manbir Kaur


AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

 เคคुเคฎ्เคนाเคฐा เค…เคš्เค›ा เคตเฅ˜्เคค เคฆुเคจिเคฏा เค•ो เคฌเคคाเคคा เคนै เค•ि เคคुเคฎ เค•ौเคจ เคนो।।

เค”เคฐ เคคुเคฎ्เคนाเคฐा เคฌुเคฐा เคตเฅ˜्เคค เคคुเคฎ्เคนें *เคฌเคคाเคคा เคนै เค•ि เคฆुเคจिเคฏा เค•्เคฏा เคนै !!!

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Test- 2022

 Navodaya Wale

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Test- 2022

1. For 6th class students

2. For 9th class students

Last Date of Application Form for 6th class- 30/11/2021

Last Date of Application Form for 9th Class- 31/10/2021

There is only one attempt allowed for the Navodaya Entrance Test.

 Benefits of studing in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya :-

1. Free Study Till 12th 

2. Extra Curricular Activities

3. Best Teachers, Very Caring & Careful

4. Students Are Varsetile In Nature

5. All Rounder Students

6. Good Quality Food

7. Friendly Environment

8. Variety Of Compititions

Eligiblity for Tution Classes:-

1. 5th & 8th standard - (One year programme).

2. 4th & 7th standard - (Two year programme).

There is not a single coaching for the preparation of Navodaya, So here we are.

We are providing online & offline coaching classes.

Our Strength -:

1. Maximum strength will be 25.

2. 10 classes within a week.

3. 2 weekly tests.

4. 1 strategic class within a week by JNV ALUMNI

5. Teaching by Experienced Faculties.

6. Prizes for best performer. 

Joining Process of tution clasess -:

1. Registration Form 

2. Face to Face Interview

(We are allowing only those students , who are qualifying interview for tution)

Click now on the link to visit our website, and fill the registration form for the further process.

Contact us for any further queries: 9109530351 

Thanks & Regards


Harshita Ji

Head, Admission Committee

NexGen_NeerajSingh Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Strategy Of Real Business

Sunday 26 September 2021

Advantags of Work From Home

With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, most of the corporates had to shift their operations to remote working. After months of living without commutes, business clothes or makeup, many workers want to keep it that way. Not all employers are down with this. The big business debate of 2021 may be whether the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of work-from-home for employers.

One of the biggest benefits that employees gain through working remotely is that they no longer have to commute to work. Commuting has led at least 1 in 4 respondents to quit a job, according to the Airtasker study. In fact, many workers said they would be willing to give up a lot of things to end their commute. 

The average American's commute is now nearly 30 minutes. That much time on the road means workers are spending more money on fuel, not to mention maintenance and repair costs due to the wear and tear on their vehicles. According to researchers, the average remote worker saved more than $4,500 on yearly fuel costs. The lack of a daily commute also led to a slight decrease in maintenance costs, with remote workers spending $55 per month versus the $59 per month office workers spent. Additionally, it helps the environment by decreasing the number of people taking cars, trains, and buses to and from the office. 

Along with the cost savings, respondents said they noticed that they had more free time once their commutes were eliminated. On average, employees said they had an extra 17 days' worth of free time as a result. 

Some of that regained time has gone to building healthier exercise habits. According to researchers, remote employees spent two hours and 44 minutes on physical exercise each week, marking a 25-minute increase over office workers. 

Additionally, sickness spreads quickly among co-workers sharing the same office space. Offices are typically packed with people who work in close proximity to one another and share germs without even realizing it. With the spread of the coronavirus, many states have issued stay-at-home orders, and many companies have mandated that employees work from home to "flatten the curve" of the pandemic. Allowing your team to work from home helps stop the spread of COVID-19 between members of your staff with other employees and their families.

Benefits of remote working

@ Have flexible hours. Working nine to five isn’t a realistic model for most employees because of differing energy levels, task durations, and personal schedule needs such as childcare dropoff or health and wellness days. Remote work allows employees to remain productive within the hours when they feel the most innovative, so they can plan for the right amount of task time, and accommodate basic needs. 

@ Work and live anywhere. As long as employees are able to finish their work at the same high-quality level and communicate with their core team, as needed, they can pretty much set up shop anywhere with a WiFi connection. 

@ Eliminate or reduce commuting. Long commutes negatively impact everyone involved — employees, their families, and even their employers. Eliminating this altogether will save every individual roughly nine full calendar days of driving or riding back and forth.  

@ Save on team building events. Save on social events such as birthday or holiday parties and instead focus your budget on high-impact areas. You can still help your team bond virtually but at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect to spend on things like rental space and activity materials.

@Improved Mood and Morale. Escaping the hectic pace of the job can improve mood and boost motivation. Meditative spaces offer a break from customers, coworkers and the boss. Being alone can help an employee feel more grounded and less anxious. Sometimes getting away even for a few minutes can lift the spirits and build resiliency.

At the moment, companies are managing in varied ways. Some have given employees permission to continue working remotely until at least 2021. Others have recalled staff to the workplace on different schedules and in staggered groups. Still others are leaving it entirely up to individual workers to decide where to base themselves.

But businesses around the world are also starting to think about the longer term, including alternative ways to structure work communication and hours as well as physical presence. While ‘hybrid’ is key to understanding the more flexible future of work, it encompasses many possible systems. Hybrid work tends to include more freedom around when to work as well as where. It generally grants more autonomy to employees to fit work around the rest of their lives, rather than structuring other parts of a weekday around hours logged in an office. Ideally, it’s the best of both worlds: structure and sociability on one hand, and independence and flexibility on the other. 

A common procedure of existing hybrid companies, accelerated since the pandemic started, is to designate certain days for in-office meetings and collaboration, and remote days for work involving individual focus. Physical presence might be required for orientations, team-building and project kick-offs, but not necessarily for other work.

Some forms of remote work are likely to persist long after COVID-19 is conquered. This will require many shifts, such as investment in digital infrastructure, freeing up office space, and the structural transformation of cities, food services, commercial real estate, and retail. It also risks accentuating inequalities and creating new psychological and emotional stresses among employees, including from isolation. For most companies, having employees work outside the office will require reinventing many processes and policies.

Monica Chavan

HR Manager  

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd