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Motivation For Bloggers

MOTIVATION FOR BLOGGERS "YOU DONT HAVE TO SEE THE WHOLE  STAIRCASE, JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP." For being a GOOD Blogger you dont need to compair yourself and think so much that what are others doing. Just go for the topic that interests you and you have the whole information about it mind it you should not give wrong information to people. "BLOGGING IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, ITS ABOUT BEING YOURSELF, AND PUTTING WHAT YOU HAVE INTO IT" Today there are many crisis and many problems in this materialstic world that is love life, student life, marital life, parental life, daughter life, and even business life and others. Blog for these people because you might not know when you help unknowingly. You may even select the hot topics going around the world in different fields like sports politics hollywood or any new event and write article about it because the recent topics are very much in demand and people will get to know many things from y

Shubhangi Bhatia

Shubhangi is an English Literature graduate and is currently pursuing her Masters in Mass Communication. She likes to think of herself as a thinker. A bit of a dreamer. But she likes to be an avid doer. She yearns to travel, to see the world and change it, maybe. She adores the quirky play of words and wishes to explore new horizons with them. She  likes to pen down her stories and experiences and l oves reading books because it gives her an opportunity to escape into the lives of the characters. Follow Shubhangi Bhatia on Facebook : shubhangi.bhatia.3?ref= bookmarks Linkedin :  Twitter :  E Mail Ids :

Interns has been Selected for Different Profiles

Following Interns has been Selected for Different Profiles with us. Kindly Contact Our HR Ms Zeba for Further Process. 2017/09/vandana-khanna.html 2017/09/namita-yadav.html 2017/09/simran-kumari.html 2017/09/priyanka-kumbhar.html 2017/09/simran-kaur.html 2017/10/manasi-jaggi.html 2017/10/himanshi-dalal.html 2017/10/samruddhi-sunil-more. html 2017/10/anshu-priya.html 2017/10/zeba-kausar.html 2017/10/anu-thakur.html 2017/10/madhurima-sarkar.html 2017/10/akkumahanthi-sowmya. html 2017/10/srishti-gautam.html 20

Naga Madhavi

Here you go,She is Naga Madhavi who has graduated from National Institute of Technology,Raipur a well known institute in Central India.This makes her a graduated engineer but her passion is something different .She wants to explore and travel around the world and create memories and experiences so that she could cherish for her life time which is quite unusual for her ambitious age.Well she thinks one need to have a sense of humour as well as a quick escape from reality in order to find peace.Who doesnt want peace right ?  Indeed this way of her thinking made her to travel more and more.Her bucket list is mostly wishes that include travelling in particular related to history , water.Its not she is  the heir of the poseidon,its just she is very fond of fantasy and fiction movies.She looks forward to travel all around the world and tell the world about her experience because this is not a magical place like hogwarts where dead men do tell tales  !! La