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Monday 11 November 2013

My Friend Dr Er Prof Sanjay Fuloria [ BE, MBA, PhD ]

The friends we make during our Childhood are the friends for a lifetime. We all agree with that, don’t we ? I will talk here about one such Exceptional Friend of mine…. Sanjay Fuloria.

Sanjay is indeed an Exceptional Human being. He is an Engineer, Marketer, Sales Person, Researcher and Professor. How many people do we come across in our lives who bring together so many roles with them? 

He was born in 1974 and hails from the ‘City of Nawabs’ Lucknow. His father Mr SK Fuloria . was an IFS officer in Madhya Pradesh. We have done our Schooling together from Little Flower School Betul.  He was a very Good Student in School and was loved by all the teachers. 

He is an Excellent Cricket and Badminton Player in our School. But I was better in Table Tennis  
:-)  lolz. 

He has done his Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) from Bhilai Institute of Technology (BITS), Bhilai in 1996. He then completed his Masters in Management Studies (MMS) from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) in 1999. He is also a done his doctrate from ICFAI University, Hyderabad and was a professor there simultaneously from 2002-2007. He taught subjects like Research Methodology, Business Research Methods, Business Modelling & Simulation etc.  

Sanjay has worked in organizations like PCL Access, Interactive Multimedia Technologies, HCL Infinet Ltd. He also worked as Lecturer/Professor roles in IBS Hyderabad from 2002-2011. He has the credit of launching a new course 'Business Intelligence' at IBS, Hyderabad. Currently, he is working as Deputy General Manager for Cognizant Technology Solutions and is based in Hyderabad with his family. He has published several white papers on various topics related to his field. He is very popular among his students and colleagues. He also has a Rich Experience of Staying in various Cities of India.

Sanjay & I share a very strong personal relationship. We have been best buddies since long and sanjay has helped me immensely emotionally. He has been a support system for me whenever I was down or needed advice.

Sanjay is Basically a bit shy but a Fun-Loving person. He doesn’t want to gain limelight too much and prefers to do extraordinary work but from the background. His objective in life to be known as a contributor to all the assignments/projects that he undertakes. He is also a keen follower of sports and loves all forms of it.

In the end, I just want to say that I am fortunate that a multi-faceted personality like Sanjay is my close friend.  

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Sunday 10 November 2013

My Friend Pragati Srivastava

Pragati Srivastava

It was a normal online conversation I was having with an ex-Aviation crew some months back. Little did I know that we were going to chalk out a plan for a milestone in Indian aviation history. It was the plan about our book Cabin Crew Career Guide which is now complete and is going to be launched soon.

This ex-aviation crew about whom I am talking is none other than Pragati Srivastava. A Young, Talented, very Humble, Ambitious and a Jack-of-all-trades. Pragati Srivastava started working at a young age for her passion, completed her studies while working, achieved success and respect in her Professional life, is very focused about her future and is loved by all. She has set an example for her juniors in this field.  

I am glad I met Pragati and am working with her. She completed her assignment with us with enthusiasm. Being from the Aviation industry, she knows what on-time performance means and she delivers it with perfection in her work.

As I came to know about her, Pragati has done her MBA in Human Resources from Symbiosis Institute (SCDL) in 2011. She has done her B.Com from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in 2008. She was a very good student in school too and passed it with flying colours in 2005.

Pragati currently lives in Lucknow with her parents but has travelled the length & breadth of India for work. She started her career with Air Deccan in 2007 as Cabin Crew in Bangalore, came to Kingfisher Airlines after the takeover and progressed in the organisation. She also lived in Delhi for some time while working for KF. She is also a Certified Internal Quality Auditor and has audited departments like Network Planning, King Club, Stores, Purchase & Airport Operations.

As her family told me, she was a very naughty child and enjoyed fighting with her sister the most. She has so many stories of her adventurous nature which are still talked of and laughed at. 

Pragati wants to share her knowledge and experience with people who wish to become Cabin Crew/Flight Stewards and excel in this field. She is presently taking classes for aspirants at a reputed Cabin Crew Training Institute in Lucknow.

I hope Pragati has a long relationship with our organisation and does many more assignments with us. She is a person who has literally Personified the meaning of her name.  

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Thursday 7 November 2013

My Blogger Friend Pragya Banerjee

I came to know Pragya Banerjee through her sister Air Hostess Pragati Srivastava, with whom I have written a book Cabin Crew Career Guide. I initially thought about her as a good elder sister who is all out to promote her younger sister’s book. But, later as I came to know more about her, I realised her talent & aim in life.

I never knew Pragya Banerjeehas similar visions as my Organisation AeroSoft Corp and I found in her a very good writer who wants to make a career as a professional Blogger. Pragya Banerjee has done her schooling from Lucknow and completed her MBA in Finance from Bangalore. She has a rich experience of working with organisations like Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Asipac Projects Pvt. Ltd., Sreekaree Projects etc. and I was amazed to find how clear visioned she was about her future and she wants to do something on her own in life.

Pragya Banerjeehas started a Blog of her own and posts almost everyday in it. She is also writing book reviews and other contents for us. She is taking Classes for MBA students as and when she get a chance.  She is a continuous learner and I am sure the relationship between her and us will be lifelong. Apart from that, she is also a good friend. 

Pragya Banerjee is also a multi-cultural personality Pragya  she hails from UP, has lived in Bangalore for some years, married a Bengali guy from Jharkhand and now they live in Hyderabad. This explains why Pragya  is able to mix up with all kinds of people.

I am sure with her determination, she will make much more name in her Life. 

Follow her at 

Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience

Friday 1 November 2013

Productivity can never be an Accident

Productivity can never be an Accident
It is Always the Result of a 
Commitment to Excellence
Intelligent Planning 
and Focused Effort

Making the Progress

If you are not Making the Progress 
that you would Like to Make and 
are Capable of Making, 
It is simply because Your Goals 
are not Clearly Defined

Success is the Progressive Realization of Worthwhile Predetermined, Personal Goals

Success is the Progressive 
Realization of Worthwhile
Predetermined, Personal Goals

Common Phobias below and their Meanings

Most people know at least something about phobias and their meanings. A large amount of individuals have an irrational type of fear. These kinds of conditions result in people going through obstacles to avoid the objects of their fear. Continue reading to see if you know the common phobias below and their meanings.

1. Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or bathing
2. Acrophobia: Fear of heights
3. Agoraphobia: Fear of open spaces, crowds, or leaving a safe place
4. Ailu¬rophobia: Fear of cats
5. Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens
6. Anthropophobia: Fear of people
7. Anuptaphobia: Fear of staying single
8. Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders
9. Atychiphobia: Fear of failure
10. Autophobia: Fear of oneself or of being alone.
11. Aviophobia: Fear of flying
12. Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful women
13. Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns
14. Cynophobia: Fear of dogs
15. Gamophobia: Fear of marriage
16. Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish
17. Melanophobia: Fear of the color black
18. Mysophobia: Fear of germs or dirt
19. Nyctophobia: Fear of the dark or of night
20. Ophidiophobia/Herpetophobia: Fear of snakes
21. Ornithophobia: Fear of birds
22. Phasmophobia/Spectrophobia: Fear of ghosts
23. Philophobia: Fear of being in love
24. Photophobia: Fear of light
25. Pupaphobia: Fear of puppets
26. Pyrophobia: Fear of fire
27. Thanatophobia or Thantophobia: Fear of death or dying
28. Xanthophobia: Fear of the color yellow

Different Types of Phobias
Fear of Heights Phobia Name
Funny Phobias
Phobias and Fears
Love Phobia
Fear of Dark
Fear of Heights


Monday 28 October 2013

Believe in YourSelf

Possible, Whenever
Believe in YourSelf 
Have Faith in your Abilities 
Without a Humble 
but Reasonable Confidence 
In Your own Powers 
You Can Not be Successful or Happy

For a Winner

Be Kind WhenEver Possible. 
For a Winner
It is Always Possible.
For a Loser
It is Never Possible.