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Survey Exposes Enterprise Fears about Cloud Computing

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA have released the results of a survey which polled business and IT leaders from 50 countries about their confidence in cloud computing. It revealed that many do not view cloud computing as a mature technology and feel that it has many obstacles to overcome. According to the press release, "The study reveals that cloud users in 50 countries were least confident about the following issues (ranked from least confident to most confident): Government regulations keeping pace with the market (1.80) Exit strategies (1.88) International data privacy (1.90) Legal issues (2.15) Contract lock in (2.18) Data ownership and custodian responsibilities (2.18) Longevity of suppliers (2.20) Integration of cloud with internal systems (2.23) Credibility of suppliers (2.30) Testing and assurance (2.30)" CloudPro's James Stirling observed, "Respondents also felt that, while cloud is helping enterprises become more distributed,