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Open a new Folder name A340 Folder Not file ok ? on Desktop Insite tht Folder open a notepad file name as A340   [ A340.txt ] Open Search for Airbus 340 Can u see Searches related to Airbus a340 those r keywords in bottom copy paste in nottepad Searches related to Airbusa340 airbus industrie a340-600 airbus a340-300, airbus a340 seating, airbus a330-200, a343 aircraft, airbus a340 jet, airbus industrie a340-600 jet airbus industrie a340-300 In Side Folder name A340 Open a new Folder name A340 Folder Not file ok ? Now search Images for Airbus a340 Save 5 Images as Airbusa340 1Airbusa340 2Airbusa340 3Airbusa340 4Airbusa340 and save them in folder u created Use picasa and add now get content n copy paste in same notepad then zip the folder n send Copy paste in mail Zip the folder n send Pl mail to,,, a