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Why Dr Vijay Mallya lost his zest for battling crises? Kingfisher Airline's turbulence:

For Dr Vijay Mallya it is another Business   For many it is life line :( For a painfully long time now, the world has been an unhappy place for Vijay Mallya. Unkind too, he is likely to say. The liquor tycoon, once a monument to opulence and flamboyance, is now almost defensive about his flashy lifestyle.   "I have learnt the hard way that in India wealth should not be displayed. Better to be a multi billionaire politician dressed in Khadi," he tweeted on Saturday. Understandably, Mallya was not upset to have dropped off a list of billionaires recently. "Thanks to the Almighty that Forbes (magazine) has removed me from the so-called billionaires list... less jealousy, less frenzy and wrongful attacks," he tweeted.   A forced change in lifestyle and riches are merely two of the many twists and turns that Mallya's life has taken in recent times. If he once revelled in the attention of flashbulbs, he abhors it today. Mallya was not seen in India fo