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Monday 2 July 2012

Visualize the end results


Visualize the end results

We usually avoid working hard or pushing ourselves just for the sake of doing so, but if you focus on a positive benefit to completing your tasks you’ll feel more inclined to work on them. 

Set aside 10 minutes before you begin and imagine how you’ll feel when the job is done. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you’ll experience when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do – whether it’s satisfaction, pride, happiness, excitement, or simple relief. 

This gets the good feelings flowing and motivates you to do what it takes to create that experience “for real.”

Too often, however, we do not use the process of visualization to our advantage. Our imagination is not there to make us afraid all the time, to be filled with worries, doubts, and fears. It is to get a jump on the future, to assist us in becoming what we are intended to become and use our potential. If only direct use of the power of the imagination were made, there would be more success stories. Nothing can be materially accomplished without being mentally accomplished first.

But looking back today, I realize that I was applying one of the most important principles for success — seeing myself already enjoying the results I wanted to get. Each time I visualized the end result, I became more determined to surmount the financial obstacles I faced to get it. Because I visualized the end result every day in my mind, the intensity of the desire to get it was so strong that I started attracting the people, circumstances, and resources that helped me to surmount the obstacles on my path and get the video game of my dreams.

What is of import in this story is that when you truly desire to get what you want and imagine the outcomes you want frequently every day, it develops a strong emotion called DESIRE, and when this is harnessed it is sheer power – it helps you surmount difficulties, keeps you motivated, encourages you to never give up, and makes you do the seemingly impossible.

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Visualize the end results,

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