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Saturday 7 October 2017

Tanya Mishra

Tanya Mishra is a 20 years old girl who believes that  “Travel , before you ran out of time”. She is a student of 3rd  Year 
pursuing Journalism And Mass Communication from Banasthali Vidhyapith , Jaipur . She has a grounding of working in IPRD (Information and Public Relation Department), Ranchi(Jharkhand) for 2 months. She lifts herself up, be her own best friend and sometimes her own fan.She has a fervor for photography. According to her, “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”. 

The most alluring fact about photographs for her is that , Photographs capture a moment that has gone forever and are impossible to reproduce.She loves to travel , explore new places, capture memories  in her camera .All she really want to do is to spend her life travelling the world, polish her knowledge by reading books,gratifying her needs by wearing designerclothes and eating and drinking to its fullest.She is a dreamer, She is a 
dreamer, she is a fighter, she is a learner. She believes that Dreams should be like that can ripe your sleeps off .She knows 
how to fight her problems, her faults and put everything to its correct place. She surmise that learning has no age ,the day 
we stop earning will be the day our knowledge will comes to an end.Writing is the painting of the voice”, she always apply this into her life. She believes that we should write no matter what, even the water does no  flow until the faucet is turned  on. Sometimes we fail to express ourselves, but by writing we can express what we fail to say.

“Travel As Much As You Can, As Far AS You Can, As Long As You Can, Explore New Places,Capture The Moments,Let People Know About it,Life is not  meant to be lived in one place”.

Name: Tanya Mishra
Whats App No: 7355151193