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Real Gem Bharat Ratna Ratan Tata

Once J. R. D. Tata was boarding the flight. Dilip Kumar was sitting next to him. He did not introduce himself to Dilip Kumar, He introduced himself, I am a famous filmstar, you must have seen my film. JRD Tata replied - 'No, who is Dilip Kumar?' At that time, Dilip Kumar became insulted.  All the news paper had news. Today, the entire nation is proud of the precious jewel of the country, Ratan Ji Tata. Let me tell you the three incidents of his life which I have read. 1, once Mr Amitabh Bachhan was traveling on the flight to the seat next to him. Amitabh asked, you see the film, he said, "I don't get time, Amitabh told that he is a movie star. He was very happy to meet you. Amitabh very much Was delighted. His filmstar was showing Attitude. When he landed at the airport, Amitabh asked that if you did not introduce yourself, he said that I am the chairman of Tata Group of Industries, I am Ratan Tata.  2, the second incident is after the Mumbai attacks. Tata S