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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Assistant Pilot Instructor Captain Anand Vengurlekar along with a trainee Pilot Arjun crash landed outside Indore Airport in Cessna 152 Aircraft

Both Pilots are Safe, No injuries to the two-member crew of Cessna 152 Aircraft VT EMU Aerobat

A Cessna 152 twin-seater Aircraft crash landed outside Indore Airport, just 100 metres short of the boundary wall. An Aerodrome source said that the Pilot was forced to land the Aircraft due to engine failure.

Chandan Nagar Police Thana Incharge Shivpal Singh Kushwah told The Hindu, that the Aircraft owned by the Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC) was flown by Assistant Pilot Instructor Captain Anand Vengurlekar along with a trainee Pilot named Arjun. “The field was soggy after the harvest, so the landing was safe. Capt Anand and Arjun did not get hurt” said 
Mr. Kushwah.

According to an informed source aerodrome staff scaled the boundary wall with a ladder and brought the two occupants to safety. Milind Mahajan is the secretary of the MPFC and his brother Captain Mandar Mahajan is the chief flying instructor. Both did not respond to calls or text messages. They are the sons of Indore MP and senior BJP leader  Smt Sumitra Mahajan.

The club has been flying in rough weather lately. Its annual grant of Rs. 10 lakh from the State government was stopped in 2001. This was resumed at Rs. 2 lakh per year in 2010. This resumption of the grant coincided with the admission of former Chief Secretary Rakesh Sahni's son to the club at a concessional rate. The Lokayukta is probing the case.


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