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Wednesday 16 February 2022

Lessons for Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

Lessons for Business Leaders

by  Darshana Khandelwal 

#Motivate Team. 

#Improve Your Organisation Skills

#Approach Difficult Conversations Tactfully

#Say 'NO' Constructively

#Embrace Change

#Learn from Criticism

#Treat People as Human 

The main role of a Business Leader is to unlock the potential of the persons working in an organization. Leaders must have the appropriate knowledge regarding the various leadership Lessons for the good outcomes and achieving the growth. Now let's go through some of the Lessons that are essential for every Business Leader at the Workplace.

#Making Correct Decisions

While taking the appropriate decisions it is necessary for every Leader to focus on the following set of skills – identifying the critical factors, evaluating the options correctly, anticipating the outcomes, navigating both the risk and uncertainty and quantitative analysis. This will tend to help the Leaders and members to make the correct and accurate decisions.

#Nurture Teamwork

A Leader must work on the slogan as we instead of me. It is not possible for the Leader to work alone and accomplish the goals and objectives but it is the Teamwork which could help in the achievement of desired results so every Leader should motivate the members to work as a team. Teamwork plays a pivotal role for completion of any project with the significant contribution of the members to complete the work.


Efforts should be made in the right manner to achieve any goal. A Leader must motivate and appreciate the employees that will assist in enhancing the productivity and create a sense of belongingness among the employees. In this way coordination among the employees will increase.

If We Can Win the 

Hearts and Minds 

of our Team 

We are going to have 

Better and Bigger

Business Success


A Leader must be punctual in scheduling the meetings or arriving in the office on time. He should not be lethargic as it will also affect all the other members in the team and due to this the goals could not be accomplished. For example – If a boss is coming late by half an hour in the office then it will probably affect all the team members at the Workplace.

Leaders not only 

Create followers,

But they Create more 

Transformed Individuals.

 Darshana Khandelwal

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Lesson for Business Leaders

Leadership to Build Great Team and Winning Team