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Important Symbols and their Meaning

 Important Symbols and their Meaning Today we know about some Important Symbols and their Meaning. This is very informative.  1, pen - culture and     Symbol of civilization.  2, lotus flower - culture     And civilization.  3, Red Cross - Doctor      aid and hospital  4, red flag - revolution or     danger indicator.  5, art flag - of protest     Sign .  6, Yellow Flag - Transition     carrying the sick     Planning symbol.  7, upside down flag - of distress     Sign .  8, bowed flag - national mourning      symbol of .  9, white flag - treaty or     Symbol of dedication.  10, red triangle - family        Planning symbol.  11, pigeon bird - peace        symbol of .  12, red light - a symbol of danger or stopping of traffic.  13, green light - traffic        signal to leave.  14, a woman with a blindfold and scales in her hand - a symbol of justice.  15, black band on arm -      grief, protest, and sorrow       symbol of .  16, two bones intersecting each other and the skull above -  E