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How to Be Positive ; steps which will help you

All thought, good and bad, is creative and tends to lead to a material thing. That is why we must learn to be more positive. The environment and all the experiences in life are the result of habitual and predominant thoughts. Negative thoughts can tell us about something that needs attention. So, thoughts lead to discovering what needs to be done and one can think positively or negatively to take care of it. Many people fail to see a negative occurrence as a learning experience and continue to feel victimized and helpless, ultimately blaming others for what they drew to themselves. Steps Remove All Negative Influences 1 Avoid negative influences. Even if it's a family member or close friend, do not tolerate anyone's bad behavior. Steer clear from it so that it will not rub off on you. 2 Replace negative thoughts with something positive. Look for the benefit in every situation. There are pros and cons to most situations and you get to choose which you will focus on.