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Power Dressing

What Is Power Dressing Corporate Dressing for Men Corporate Dressing for Women Corporate Dressing Code Dressing Tips for Women Power Dressing for Women Corporate Wear for Women Corporate Women A Stylish and Expensive Clothing Style, intended to convey the Impression of Assertiveness and Competence and predominantly worn by Man or Women Professionals. Power Dressing term has been used since the late 1980s and reflected the Clothing Styles favoured in Business and Politics in the US and UK throughout the 1990s. The style was heavily influenced by Influential Women Tycoon who were in the news at the time, for example, the cast of the television shows Dynasty and Dallas, the UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Princess of Wales. Men also had form of 'Power Dressing' too but this was less Distinctive and Innovative and often manifested itself in little more than an unusually Expensive Business Suit. The Accent has shifted to Glamour and Power Dressing for