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Cloud Computing ROI Tools are worthless

Consumer knowledge of  cloud  still vague, says new survey CloudTech With the analysts predicting  cloud computing  to rise and rise in 2013, it can be refreshing to get a consumer perspective on how they use the cloud and their overall knowledge of it. Yet the signs don't appear to be good – a new survey from UK-based  ... See all stories on this topic » Cloud Of Iron: DARPA Hardens  Cloud Computing  Against Cyber Attack AOL Defense "Moving to the cloud" is the trend du jour, even in the intelligence world, but the recent attacks on the nation's banking system has raised uncomfortable questions about how to make  cloud computing secure. "The cloud" may seem amorphous, but in  ... See all stories on this topic » Small businesses accelerating growth in 2013 with  cloud computing Fox 54 (BPT) - Small businesses seem optimistic about increasing sales and hiring in 2013 and are looking to squeeze more productivity out of limited time, staffing and resou