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10 Ways Cloud Computing will change in Year 2013

As enterprise steps up its use of cloud services analyst house Forrester has  predicted how business use of cloud platforms and services will change next  year. Business will get real about cloud costs Organisations will start paying more attention to cloud costs in 2013, Forrester claims. Cannibal cloud: How spending on the cloud is eating into IT budgets Cloud isn't always cheaper, it's just likely to be cheaper if organisations follow the right use model. To get the best ROI out of cloud services and platforms organisations need to model the cost profile of applications, monitor the resources they use and adjust any deployment to balance cost against performance, according to the analysts. Cloud cost-monitoring tools like Cloudyn, CloudCruiser, Cloudability, Newvem and Rightscale, plus the cost-reporting tools from large cloud vendors, provide a way of doing these calculations. Good cost management should also drive business' hybrid deployment, service