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Monday 2 July 2012

Career Opportunities in Air NewZealand


Career Opportunities in Air NewZealand

If you've ever flown to, through, or around New Zealand, you'll know that we place a great deal of importance in our customers feeling welcome. We'd like to extend the same warm welcome to you, and we trust that you'll enjoy this journey of discovering what makes our people so special, and how they in turn make us such a successful organisation.

You'll very quickly discover that we are all about people - those flying with us, and those working very hard to ensure that their Air New Zealand experience is a fantastic one. When a passenger sets foot in one of our aircraft, or calls one of our call centres, they deserve to be delighted with the service they receive, which is why we make a habit of employing people for whom only the very best will do.

Working with Air New Zealand will challenge you. The changing nature of the business, and the responsibility we place on your shoulders will mean you will achieve more than you thought you were ever capable of. The exciting environment, the sense of belonging to something special, and the benefits on offer will help you discover the true meaning of career satisfaction.

If excellence is part of your everyday life, if you thrive in an environment where a lot is expected of you all the time, and if you are ready to wear the famous koru with passion and pride, we'd like you to become an Air New Zealander.

Cargo Revenue Business Support Manager  
As part of the recent business review Air New Zealand Cargo have a new role available in Auckland as Cargo Revenue & Business Support Manager reporting to the Manager Cargo Commercial & Ventures. This is a great opportunity to stamp your mark and style on a green field role. We will be looking to this ...

Snr Project Manager - IT Innovation  
At Air New Zealand we continue to demonstrate our status as world's number one airline by continuing to lead the market through innovation and new ventures. The continuing success of our new products is contingent on having the right people to lead and inspire others in producing only the highest standards ...

Tandem Travel Corporate Consultant After Hours  
Part Time After Hours Tandem Travel are looking for new stars to join our 24/7/365 After Hours team to provide exceptional service to our corporate customers. Tandem is the travel management service preferred by New Zealand's leading companies. This role involves building strong relationships and designing ...

Warranty Manager  
The Commercial Team at Air New Zealand Technical Operations have an opportunity for a dynamic Warranty Manager. The Warranty Manager will be the Subject Matter Expert in interpreting entitlements in commercial contracts in order to maximise warranty and performance guarantee claims to enable optimum cost ...
Auckland | Aeronautical, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply Chain | Air New Zealand | Jun 14, 

First Officer - Air New Zealand Regional Airlines  
Our three Regional airlines are regularly looking for new pilots to fly their turboprop fleets. Entry is always at First Officer level and positions are located at a number of bases around the country, from Kerikeri to Christchurch. Whether you are looking for a career flying props or a pathway to our ...
Auckland, Blenheim, Christchurch, Gisborne, Hamilton, Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Napier, Nelson, New 

Second Officer - Air New Zealand Jet  
The Air New Zealand jet fleets service our major domestic and international network. For those Pilots who have suitable experience, we do accept direct entry applications into the Air New Zealand jet fleets. Vacancies, which occur mainly as a result of fleet expansion and retirements, are filled by the ...
Second Officer - Air New Zealand Jet

The Air New Zealand jet fleets service our major domestic and international network. For those Pilots who have suitable experience, we do accept direct entry applications into the Air New Zealand jet fleets. Vacancies, which occur mainly as a result of fleet expansion and retirements, are filled by the appointment of Second Officers onto our wide-body fleets operating our long haul network. These positions are based out of Auckland.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest only. We do not currently have any available vacancies within our jet fleets.

To register your interest for a position on our long haul jet fleets, please click the apply now button below.

Note: To complete this application, you will need to refer to your logbook, license(s) and medical information.

Reference # 000006
Company Air New Zealand
Location(s) Auckland
Expertise Pilot
Employment type Permanent
Working hours Full time

Why Work Here ?

Air New Zealand has a great culture shaped by a diverse, passionate and skilled workforce; it's our people who make us what we are. There are a number of different career paths to apply your skills and experience - the sky's the limit, literally! Our people are our future so we invest in and develop our staff to reach their true potential.

With our core values and culture emulated through our employee's, you really get a great sense of empowerment not usually found in a large corporate environment. For us, it's all about the customer journey and delivering the best travel experience, from the initial booking to arriving at the Airport and boarding the flight, we aim to deliver a seamless experience - we work together across the network to deliver excellence through innovation and world class service.

If you have a passion for the Airline industry and want to work for a world leader then you can't go past Air New Zealand, it will be the best career decision you ever made.

Few organisations impact upon the country like Air New Zealand. We are very aware that each individual contribution is doing more than strengthening the reputation of Air New Zealand, it's strengthening the reputation of New Zealand as a tourist destination.

In a time when there is constant pressure on costs, we stay ahead of the game by employing people who share our passion for excellence, our vision for the future, and who have the right attitude.

A Coaching Culture
At all levels within Air New Zealand you'll find very talented people, but key to us achieving all we are capable of is realising and releasing the potential of all staff. By empowering our people and ensuring that there is 100% commitment to the business plan, customer service values, and our people principles, we will reach our collective potential.

Each manager needs to be a coach for his or her team members, for giving constructive feedback, and for managing the performance review process. As important, however is the creation of a culture where people are comfortable sharing skills and experience. Whilst training courses have value, recent research is telling us that people work better and perform to a higher level when they are coached well.

Developing Strong Leaders
We empower our people to take responsibility and make decisions which impact upon our customers, often in pressurised situations and with limited resources. Such decision making builds genuine character and with an understanding of the commercial and operational implications, it can often provide the building blocks for a career in leadership.

A Business Driven by Strong Leaders
Wherever you look within Air New Zealand, you'll find people who aren't just good at what they do, but who also have the business knowledge and leadership skills to drive our business forward. The airline business is exceptionally dynamic, hence change is constant and managers need to be flexible, proactive, creative and accountable. On top of the business requirement for strong leadership, Air New Zealand needs people managers who coach, develop and use all the skills and capabilities that our employees possess.

Our aim is to ensure every person feels involved, recognised, and genuinely valued as part of our business.

A Long Term Perspective - but a High Priority
Development takes time. The goals you set and the actions you take are unlikely to result in dramatic change in the short term, which is why It's important to set goals that are challenging but achievable, and which leave you with enough energy and time to enjoy your life away from work!

We encourage our people not to let their development slide to the bottom of the priority pile, thus ensuring that you grow within your role and feel valued within the business. We aim to make your development a top priority - so that everyone benefits.

Visualize the end results

We usually avoid working hard or pushing ourselves just for the sake of doing so, but if you focus on a positive benefit to completing your tasks you’ll feel more inclined to work on them. Set aside 10 minutes before you begin and imagine how you’ll feel when the job is done. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you’ll experience when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do – whether it’s satisfaction, pride, happiness, excitement, or simple relief. This gets the good feelings flowing and motivates you to do what it takes to create that experience “for real.”

Happy Landings ..........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp
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