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International Pilot Training

Career Guidance for Prospective and Current International Pilots [ CPL, CFI, ATPL Holders] Dear Fellow Pilot, Wishing You a Very Happy Take Off  ! Before you take decision to become an International Airlines Pilot you must read following dos and don't for Pilots. We have included this section to help and explain the opportunities available to those Trainees who continue to work towards the professional Pilot License level, and there after how to get about with their "way forward" plans. I've also thought it prudent to include some of the many pitfalls or setbacks that await the financially unwary in what is otherwise a very honorable profession. Every country has its own civil Aviation Department who manages Aviation activities. You must make sure here we are talking about only civil Aviation industry Not defence flying. If you are planning to become a fighter Pilot, Sorry I also can't help you much. Why should you become a Professional Pilot ?