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Tuesday 2 July 2024

My life has been a series of failures and taking chances again


My life has been a series of failures and taking chances again.

Life is a difficult journey. To take every step, it requires a lot of courage and patience. We face a series of failures to achieve one success.

Thomas Edison took 999 trials to get one chance at success, and the rest is history.

I am still in the midst of dreaming and achieving bigger things. There are obstacles that try to hold me back. At times, I feel down and upset about not achieving my goals, but then I take a pause and reflect on what I have accomplished so far.

My mind often focuses on the future, causing me to overlook the present moments, which can be frustrating. But when I pause and think about the difficulties I have overcome, I realize the importance of living in the present. Planning for the future is good, but living only in the future ruins the present.

We must train our minds to live each moment before it is gone. Life will test us, but we must keep moving forward. Our brains may try to control us, but we need to train our minds on what to think and what not to think. Let your spirit guide you in the right direction – that’s what we call instincts.

Some take away keys:

- Keep Dreaming Big:

Dreaming bigger will allow you to breathe deeper. It will open the doors for you to look at this giant universe.

- Take a Pause:

Taking pauses from thoughts is underrated. Practice taking pause. It will transform your life.

- Live in the Present:

Remember to live fully in the present while you work towards your future goals.

If my journey resonates with you, Dive into my DM and see what I have to offer you.

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Fizza Faheem

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