Friday, 10 November 2017

Work From Home

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The title work from home says it all, it is basically a concept where a person can do his or her job staying back at home. This facilitates them with flexible working hours and also a person will be employed by certain companies and get to work for the company and earn sitting at home with much ease. Now as the jobs are becoming more and more complex, an employee also should be provided with sufficient needs as they want such as good work environment, and most important are providing the employees a proper WORK-LIFE BALANCE. This will motivate the employee to do more work and get efficient results that the firm is aiming for. It boosts up the confidence levels, morale, and efficient work performance.
Woman who may be restricted from going out and work and achieve their dreams that they wanted to but because of various number of obligations may be by the family members or the society woman are always asked to sacrifice their dreams and sit in their houses, but concepts like work from home is a boon to them and they can actually achieve their dreams by sitting in their own houses without disrespecting anyone’s point of views. These women also get to contribute their part in the financing their house expenses and need not be dependent on their husbands for money as they a chance to earn for themselves. By work from home, they can even have a proper work-life balance and manage their families and responsibilities at home hand in hand.

There may be a rise in your internet bills, telephone bills but at the same time its cutting down the transporting expenses that will be affecting much more to your wallet. We can actually work from anywhere, all you need is the device which you have to work on and can shift your place anywhere accordingly. Nowadays the work which has to be done remotely can also be done in with a flexible schedule. Take for instance you are a web developer or a content writer you can do our coding and writing whenever it suits you as long as you meet your deadlines. So the people who love doing work at night is the best thing they must have ever got. They can start their work at 8 P.M. rather than 8 A.M. You can also take breaks from time to time according to your method of working and pace.

Work from home will make you a more independent person and helps you grow your boundaries, as in you may not be having colleagues just a few feet away and may not be having a teach team to help you out one floor down, so in order to develop your skills you should be making your own efforts and find your answers, becoming  more proactive to find what you need. As people won't be around you all the time you will be putting some extra efforts to get in touch with your workers. The virtual world helps you to make the way out to the most complex situations that may arise while working. 

A blend of human and technology is the key to success.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12 

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