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Monday 17 March 2014

Private Jet, a Learjet 35A, is Still Missing

Private Jet, a Learjet 35A, is Still Missing

Airline   :  Private Jet, a Learjet 35A,
Call Sign : 4R- UGC
Aircraft  : Learjet 35A
Status    : Missing So far
Crew      : Cockpit Crew 02
                Cabin Crew 01
Captain   :  Capt. Noel Anandappa,
Co-Pilot  :  Capt  Sydney Soysa,
Date      :  Februrary 13, 1983

Similar Mystery in 1983..

On Februrary 13, 1983, A Private Jet, a Learjet 35A, Took Off from Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia]  at 2041 Hrs , bound for Colombo Sri Lanka]. On board Mr Upali Wijewardene the Richest Man of Srilanka (Malaysian lawyer S.M. Ratnam, Upali Group Director Ananda Peli Muhandiram, Pilot Capt. Noel Anandappa, Co-Pilot Capt Sydney Soysa, and steward S. Senenakye. Fifteen minutes later, the Aircraft disappeared while flying over the Straits of Malacca. Extensive search operation by Air and Naval units of Sri Lanka, India, United States, Soviet Union, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia failed to locate any evidence of a crash.

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