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10 Ways: Make Money with Blog Commenting

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Make Money with Blog Commenting
How to Make Money through Blogs
Make Money with Blogspot
Make Money Online Blog
How Does Blogspot Make Money
Bloggers Make Money
Money in Blogging
Make Money Blogging for Beginners
How to Earn Money Blogging

Blog commenting is a favorite method of backlinking, due to the popularity of blogs.  The amount of love Google gives to them, coupled with the lack of administration found on most blogs, makes them a good source of backlinks.  Blog commenting is the act of posting a comment on someone else’s blog and including a link back to your own site.  Google loves blogs and crawls them often for new content, so getting them indexed usually requires no effort on your part as long as the blogs are current.  Commenting on an old blog post from 2008 is probably not going to be found by Google.

The trouble with blog commenting is that many blog posts end up with hundreds of blog comments, which greatly reduces the amount of juice you get for the link.  There is also the ability of blog owners to mark their blogs as “No Follow,” which tells Google NOT to follow any links on the page. 

Blogs also get spammed to death with comments, due to automatic commenting software being used inappropriately.  Have you ever been to a blog and seen a blatant spam comment about Viagra or jewelry in the comment section?  Blog operators have to spend a lot of time administering their blogs to avoid this kind of spam, and many simply don’t have the time and ignore it.

Review Writing Potential

Review writing has a lot of potential in the online world because of following reasons:

A really awesome and well crafted review could make any product or service go viral & advertisers will love this.
Review writing is a great way for a blogger to rank products on search engines, drive traffic and make affiliate money.

Reason 1:

When an advertiser wishes for you to write and publish a review, the advertiser is looking for more than a back link that won’t give much ROI. You increase chances of getting more advertisers if you excel in review writing and can get the reviews ranked on first page of Google. Just imagine, which advertiser will be foolish enough to pass up this opportunity?

Reason 2: 

If you don’t have any advertiser to pay upfront, you should still do review writing to improve the overall value of your blog. Write reviews, get them ranked and earn affiliate commissions. Apart from this, well ranked reviews will continue to give you steady traffic.
On its own, review writing is a recommended way to monetize any blog. Advertisers will love to get their product reviews ranked higher and in the process, you get to earn dollars.
If you don’t have a blog, you can still do reviews as a ghost writer and sell it.

Review Writing Charges:

The cost of review writing depends on your writing and SEO skills. Don’t be blind to charge what other product reviewers are charging. Talk to a few review writers and understand the market. Moreover, you can research on freelancing sites like Elance, oDesk and Guru to see the kind of money clients are willing to pay to a ghost reviewer.

For you blog, the cost of review writing and ranking depends on your blog’s metrics (Alexa, PR and others) and the kind of value you have to review. Just to give you an idea, a PR 2 blog can ask for $20 - $100 per product review.

How to Get Hired?

Review writing is different from blogging in its purpose and writing style. If you think you have it in you to do paid review writing, you could get hired by:

adding an “advertisement” or “buy reviews” page on your blog.
use Facebook groups to offer review services.
sign up on programs like Sponsored Reviews & Links Vehicle.
be active on freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance, Freelance, People Per Hour and Guru, and actively bid on review projects.

Earning Estimate: $500 - US$ 15000 per month

Make Money with Blog Commenting,
How to Make Money through Blogs,
Make Money with Blogspot,
Make Money Online Blog,
How Does Blogspot Make Money,
Bloggers Make Money,
Money in Blogging,
Make Money Blogging for Beginners,
How to Earn Money Blogging,


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