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Sunday 22 January 2023

Aanandi is Symbolizing those girls and giving a beautiful illustrations of her victory Artee Anshu

Aanandi is symbolizing those girls and giving a beautiful illustrations of her victory

by @Artee Anshu

 Listening the colloquial Story brings in soothing emotions ,but this time reading did the same

this Book has let me to travel to my village roots in Bihar

The protagonist Aanandi whose narration has been done in the book , reminds me vividly about the thousands of girls who are really way smarter to lead the life and matured than the counterpart ; adequate with all resources

Aanandi is symbolizing those girls and giving a beautiful illustrations of her victory against all life odds along with her vocal and intelligent approach towards the social set up & biases which are hardly in her favor

Artee Anshu 

"A Woman of Substance" 

A Mother,  a Banker and Impact Creator in Making

A Banker who striving to create mammoth Impact in Lending Space !

#success #empowerment #booklovers #thoughtfulARTEE

Is Falling TFR long Term Win or Loss Artee Anshu

Is Falling TFR long Term Win or Loss ? 

 Artee Anshu

As per the latest NFHS report, total fertility rate per woman in the Urban India is 1.6 and Rural India 2.1 and in total it is 2, even below the required replacement rate which is 2.1 (Replacement level fertility represents the level at which a population exactly replaces itself from one generation to the next) Between 1992-93 and 2019-21, India’s Total fertility rate declined from 3.4 children to 2.0 children. At the time of Independence, our exploding population was one of the biggest concerns for country, there had been dozens of governments initiative to tame this population growth Were those government initiatives only reason to fallen TFR? In Urban India where TFR hovering around 1.6, witnessing many reasons for this dip in TFR 

1) Demanding work culture/ Overworked working woman: A working mother who spends 10-11 hours of her days dedicated for Professional commitment including commute hours along with 3-4 hours for household chores hardly left with the energy to nurture the kid 

2) Biasness against the motherhood: even in some of the job interviews/ promotion indirect questions / evaluation being done on family planning of female aspirants, non-fitment being declared however citing different reasons 

3) Cost of living/ Financial burden: Cost of living in rising inflation era leaves aspiring couple indecisive to have child, • Cost of schooling: Avg desired schooling 10k/ Month/ kid, New Age international school costing even 30-40K/ Month/Kid • Cost of childcare -Sufficient amenities childcare costing 1200-1500/Hour/Kid so even 4- 5 hours childcare facility comes around 6500-7500/month/kid • Cost of food, nutrition & healthcare: Cost of feeding & nutrition something around 5- 7k/month/kid then again maintaining desired lifestyle adding into cost of living 

4) Other reason coming as delayed marriage, Individualistic life choice and Inadequate Care-giver facilities at the world level, few of alarming trend coming up which is again challenging replacement level 

1) US Birth Rate has fallen to its lowest in a decade, TFR is 1.7 

2) China’s birthrate fallen lowest in four decades 

3) Singapore’s TFR -1.1 

4) Hong Kong’s TFR -1.1 

5) South Korea’s fertility rate is only 1 What consequences our society and generation could witness with these shrinking TFR, this would lead to scarcity of working population and workforce as well as scope of innovation and creativity, it might take a toll on emotional wellbeing of society as a whole What are possible solutions by Employer and Government 

1. Better State Run Schools and medical facility which would ease the cost of raising the family in bigger cities 

2. Adding the childcare expenses into Tax rebate would be positive move towards relief in 

3. Flexible working terms for mothers, it good to see even PM Modi came up with statement as “The need of the future is flexi work hours. we can use systems like flexible workplaces as opportunities for female labor force participations” 

4. Affordable childcare facilities by employer: Employer could come up with more options for affordable childcare facilities, this would add into employer’s revenue with more engaged and dedicated female workforce 

5. Family friendly Policies and Enhanced Maternity and Paternity Leaves: family time and leaves must be encouraged by employer 

Artee Anshu 

"A Woman of Substance" 

A Mother,  a Banker and Impact Creator in Making

A Banker who striving to create mammoth Impact in Lending Space !

Wednesday 16 November 2022

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National Campaign Launched by Investing Billions of Rupees to Destroy Rahul Gandhi's Image

National Campaign  Launched by Investing Billions of Rupees to Destroy Rahul Gandhi's Image 

Rahul Gandhi is the first leader in independent India whose national campaign was launched by investing billions of rupees to destroy his image.

The reason was to refuse to benefit a few industrialists... and supporting tribals.

When they were powerful, in power, instead of supporting corporates, they supported tribals and paid the price for it.

A national campaign was launched against him to tarnish his image.

This campaign started in 2010 and a system of crores and billions was created. At least three corporate houses, along with a lawyer and former minister representing them in the Supreme Court, launched the campaign.

Which included two media houses, some pet editors and journalists. Under this campaign, news was continuously planted against Rahul Gandhi for years so that the people of the country do not take him seriously.

The lawyer leader used to decide what was to be published against Rahul Gandhi in the media.

Journalists Rohini Singh and Abhisar Sharma have made this disclosure together. According to him, what happened was that the corporate group Vedanta wanted to do mining in Niyamgiri, Odisha.

The tribals opposed it. When the struggle increased, the matter reached Delhi. Rahul Gandhi said that the voice of tribals will be heard.

The government will not allow mining. This stand of Rahul Gandhi not only went against the Vedanta Group Congress, but also started increasing panic among other corporate houses.

The message was that if Rahul Gandhi comes to power, he will stand with the people and oppose the corporate. Meanwhile, in the Ambani group, a close aide of Modi and Shah was seated at the top position. This created a distance between the Congress and Ambani.

Till that time, Rahul Gandhi was in the media. However, despite much effort, he did not meet any corporate. People in the corporate world felt that if Rahul Gandhi is strong, then there may not be good results for him.

As a result, some strong industrial groups joined a campaign to defame Rahul Gandhi.

Unfortunately, some Congressmen also played an important role in this.

If you know Rahul Gandhi through WhatsApp University, then you will not like this story,

But if you listen to Rahul Gandhi seriously, know his true predictions on Corona, demonetisation, economy, etc., are familiar about that lawyer leader's impact on the media,

If you have an idea of the ongoing character assassination campaign against Rahul Gandhi, then this story will not surprise you. Those who know know that whatever Rahul Gandhi leader is, a national campaign was launched in this country to tarnish his image.

The poisonous IT cell came into existence under the same false campaign that has brought Indian politics to the abyss.

राहुल गांधी आजाद भारत में पहले नेता हैं जिनकी छवि बर्बाद करने के लिए अरबों रुपये लगाकर बाकायदा राष्ट्रीय अभियान चलाया गया.

वजह थी चंद उद्योगपतियों को फायदा पहुंचाने से इनकार करना ... और आदिवासियों का साथ देना.

जब वे ताकतवर थे, सत्ता में थे तो कॉरपोरेट का साथ देने की जगह आदिवासियों का साथ दिया और इसकी कीमत चुकाई.

उनकी छवि धूमिल करने के लिए उनके खिलाफ राष्ट्रीय अभियान चला दिया गया.

यह अभियान 2010 में शुरू हुआ और बाकायदा करोड़ों-अरबों का तंत्र बनाया गया. कम से कम तीन कॉरपोरेट घरानों ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट में उनकी नुमाइंदगी करने वाले एक वकील एवं पूर्व मंत्री के साथ मिलकर यह अभियान चलाया,

जिसमें दो मीडिया घराने, कुछ पालतू संपादक और पत्रकार शामिल थे. इस अभियान के तहत राहुल गांधी के खिलाफ सालों तक लगातार खबरें प्लांट की गईं ताकि देश की जनता उन्हें गंभीरता से न ले.

मीडिया में राहुल गांधी के खिलाफ क्या छपना है यह वो वकील नेता तय करता था.

पत्रकार रोहिणी सिंह और अभिसार शर्मा ने मिलकर यह खुलासा किया है. उनके मुताबिक, हुआ ये कि कॉरपोरेट समूह वेदांता नियामगिरि, ओडिशा में खनन करना चाहता था.

आदिवासियों ने इसका विरोध किया. संघर्ष बढ़ा तो बात दिल्ली तक पहुंची. राहुल गांधी ने कहा कि आदिवासियों की आवाज सुनी जाएगी.

सरकार खनन की इजाजत नहीं देगी. राहुल गांधी के इस स्टैंड से वेदांता ग्रुप तो कांग्रेस के खिलाफ गया ही, बाकी कॉरपोरेट घरानों में भी घबराहट बढ़ने लगी.

संदेश ये गया कि राहुल गांधी सत्ता में आए तो जनता के साथ खड़े होकर कॉरपोरेट का विरोध करेंगे. इसी बीच अंबानी समूह में मोदी और शाह के एक करीबी को टॉप पोजिशन पर बैठाया गया. इसे लेकर कांग्रेस और अंबानी में दूरी पैदा हुई.

उस समय तक राहुल गांधी मीडिया में छाए रहते थे. हालांकि, बहुत कोशिश के बावजूद वे किसी कॉरपोरेट से नहीं मिलते थे. कॉरपोरेट जगत के लोगों को लगा कि अगर राहुल गांधी मजबूत हुए तो उनके लिए हो सकता है अच्छा परिणाम न हो.

नतीजतन कुछ मजबूत औद्योगिक समूहों ने राहुल गांधी को बदनाम करने का अभियान ज्वाइन किया.

दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण ढंग से कुछ एक कांग्रेसियों ने भी इसमें अहम भूमिका निभाई.

अगर आप व्हाट्स एप विश्विद्यालय के जरिए राहुल गांधी को जानते हैं तो आपको यह कहानी रास नहीं आएगी,

लेकिन अगर आप राहुल गांधी को गंभीरता से सुनते हैं, कोरोना, नोटबंदी, अर्थव्यवस्था आदि पर उनकी सच होती भविष्यवाणियों को जानते हैं, मीडिया पर उस वकील नेता के प्रभाव के बारे में परिचित हैं,

राहुल गांधी के खिलाफ चल रहे चरित्र हनन अभियान का अंदाजा है तो आपको यह कहानी हैरान नहीं करेगी। जानने वाले जानते हैं कि राहुल गांधी नेता जैसे भी हों, लेकिन उनकी छवि खराब करने के लिए इस देश में राष्ट्रीय अभियान चलाया गया।

जहरीली आईटी सेल उसी मिथ्या अभियान के तहत वजूद में आई थी जिसने भारतीय राजनीति को रसातल पहुंचाया है।

Monday 10 October 2022

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इसका मार्गदर्शन देने की सेवाएं शुरू की गई हैं...

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Monday 5 September 2022

10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post By: Urvashi Arya

10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post

By: Urvashi Arya






Writing Blog articles can aid in a Business Promotion or serve as a creative writing supplement for writers. Therefore, the time spent honing your Blog-post-writing skills can be seen as an investment in your overall professional development.

Four Qualities of a Strong Blog Post

There are various types of Blogs, but no matter their topic, a good Blog usually has a few common traits. Here are some components of a quality Blog post that you might want to include in your writing, regardless of whether you are creating a personal diary Blog on Tumblr or a movie review Blog on WordPress:

1. A distinct subject: Having a particular issue and point of view is the first step in starting your Blog. You must communicate properly and have a clearly defined subject matter that you are knowledgeable and passionate about to draw in an audience and expand your base through social media shares. Pick Blog post topics that interest your audience, and browse other Blogs to gain insight from authors covering related subjects.

2. A fantastic title: A tremendous Blog article requires a unique headline. A compelling and well-optimized headline for search engines will catch the reader's eye and bring in visitors. Do some keyword research and keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind while creating your headlines, subheadings, and bullet points. Successful Blogs typically have catchy headlines that entice readers to continue reading.

3. A hook: Most strong Blog entries pique readers' interest with a problem or issue introduced in the headline. Once a writer enters the body of a Blog post, they should use a hook that makes the reader crave to read more to establish the post's thesis quickly. Blog postings can be compared to persuasive essays because, regardless of the topic or writing style, the Blogger always attempts to persuade the reader to see and agree with their point of view.

4. A solution: Now that you've created a precise topic, it's time to provide your unique perspective on it or a resolution to the issue you presented. Because they identify with the Blogger, readers frequently come back to Blogs. They identify with the Blogger's viewpoint and have grown to rely on their wisdom. The most acceptable Blog entries reflect a Blogger's feelings and point of view and provide a personal perspective on a problem or subject.

10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post

As a Blogger, it is your sole responsibility to look for tools to help you write better and more successfully. The following advice can help you make your Blog postings better.

1. Bring up a compelling subject. The most well-liked pieces provide an intriguing topic that will interest your intended audience. Once you've chosen a subject that corresponds with the theme of your Blog, it's time to start writing the matching Blog post.

2. Create a catchy post title. Titles are crucial for drawing readers to your Blog and increasing the number of views for your posts. A good Blog post may stagnate without an eye-catching title. Create a compelling title for your post that will entice readers to read it.

3. Create a post outline. Writing an overview for your post would be best before you start writing. You can freely experiment with form and organization on Blogs. To guide readers through your thought process and make it easier for them to understand your point of view, decide how you want to organize your ideas and create an outline for your post.

4. Describe how you are related to the subject. Blogging has always been a very intimate genre of writing. By making their Blog writing personal and displaying a connection with their Blog content, Bloggers connect with their audience and create excellent content.

5. Make your layout lucid. The most popular Blogs feature concise paragraphs with distinct topics. Bloggers frequently outline ideas that support their main point in bullet points. Make sure your piece is organized clearly and attractively to make it easier for people to follow along with your ideas.

6. Be sincere when you write. Bloggers get access to writer's block from time to time, much like other authors. Finding Blog post topics that deeply resonate with you is the most crucial thing you can do to overcome obstacles in your career. Writing Blog posts should be a labor of love. It will be easier for readers to connect with your work and expand your following if you write Blog posts about passionate topics.

7. Offer remedies. Your Blog entries should clearly state your point of view and end with a clear resolution to the issue you were focusing on. Readers count on you to guide them through a problem in an informed manner; it is not sufficient to provide a quick overview of a subject. Instead of using trite anecdotal examples, give your audience a case study with solid references that connects to the issue at hand.

8. Take search engine optimization into account. To get clicks on your articles and attract new readers, ensure your page's SEO is up to par. Compare your Blog post to the top-ranking results for search terms related to your topic by researching SEO trends and SEO key terms. Your postings should ideally appear at the top of search engine rankings.

9. Check for errors. Reading through your Blog post after finishing the initial draft is time to check for errors and fix complex sentences. Rookie Bloggers working on their first Blog frequently skip this step as they hastily upload fresh content. Professional Bloggers should make an effort to ensure their posts are devoid of typos and careless errors; it is not enough to concentrate on search engine optimization or develop a flashy infographic for your homepage.

10. Get your writing out there. It's time to start networking and advertising your work once you have a sufficient number of posts on your Blog. If your Blog is related to your company, promotion is very crucial. As strategies for promoting your work, think about joining a podcast, creating an email list, or posting as a guest Blogger on a relevant site. A crucial component of becoming a successful Blogger is content marketing. Make sure to tweet and post about your work on social media, highlighting particular Blog entries that are excellent examples of the kind of writing readers can discover on your site.

If you are looking for ways to promote your written content or dedicated Blogs, we can help you publish your content with significant input. We can enable you to be a highly paid and top-rated content writer on the AlfaBloggers platform.

Urvashi Arya   

Content Writer - Vantage ITeS Consulting | LinkedIn