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Monday 6 August 2012

Qantas suspends pilot for exceeding alcohol limit
CANBERRA, Australia — Australia's air safety regulator says Qantas Airways Ltd. has suspended a pilot for attempting to fly while under the influence of alcohol. More from Duchess Kate meets members of gymnastics' Fab Five · Image: Olympic ...
Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
"As those who have attended the road shows understand, we have not made any personal comments on how we plan to vote. Instead, we have tried to remain as neutral and objective as possible. Our goal has been to present as much information as we ...
Westpac trials NFC payments on Android phones. Summary: The bank is running an NFC pilot program for three months that will involve 100 users, but hasn't committed to releasing a fully fledged NFC payment app. Spandas Lui. By Spandas Lui | August 6, ...
As pilot for cargo carriers he dropped airborne forces in Sicily. He also dropped Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne during the Normandy invasion on D-Day. Rose said his grandfather died shortly after the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers aired and after ...

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Sunday 5 August 2012

Airline attacked on Facebook for treatment of passenger

Former MDLR Airlines staffer commits suicide; Delhi Police register case ...

Times of India
Geetika's brother Gaurav alleged that Kanda often visited their home after her sister joined MDLRAirlines, which he owned, as an air hostess around one and a half years back. He further said, "When the airline's operation was suspended, Kanda offered ...
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Airline attacked on Facebook for treatment of passenger
It's not good when someone is moved to go onto Facebook to call you "the worst of humanity." It's most definitely not good when you are an airline and you're supposed to make humanity sit back, relax, and enjoy the cramped conditions and that slightly ...
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FIIs raise exposure to Indian aviation stocks like Jet Airways, Kingfisher ...
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Overseas investors have scaled up their exposure to three Indian air carriers -- Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and SpiceJet in the April-June quarter of this fiscal. According to the data available with stock exchanges, the holding of ...
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IAG eyes American Airlines stake
Financial Times
International Airlines Group is considering the case for buying a minority stake in American Airlinesto expand their commercial partnership and ensure the US carrier remains part of Oneworld, the global airline alliance. Willie Walsh, IAG's chief ...
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AAI refuses to allow Kingfisher Airlines lessors to take back aircraft
Economic Times
The airline, which has not paid salaries to its employees for the past five months (some have not been paid for six months), has been defaulting on payments to AAI, oil companies, aircraft leasing companies and the government tax authorities.
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Southwest Airlines Fare Promotion Billing Turbulence
A Southwest Airlines fare promotion turned into a public relations fiasco Saturday as customers buying plane tickets found their credit cards maxed out by erroneous charges for multiple bookings. The computer glitch occurred during Southwest's LUV2LIKE ...
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'Airline will have to reflect look of Malta'
Times of Malta
Fresh from unveiling Air Malta's new colours, CEO Peter Davies tells Kurt Sansone it is all about getting the perception right. Air Malta has passed through a couple of tough years. Was this an appropriate time to be spending almost €2 million on a ...
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Air India likely to resume key international routes by month-end
Economic Times
Around 400 pilots, members of the now-de-recognised Indian Pilots Guild, had gone on a 58-day strike from May 7 to protest the decision to allow the erstwhile Indian Airlines pilots to train on the Boeing Dreamliners. The strike forced AI to cancel ...
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Spice Jet and Jet Airways report profits, raise hopes
Times of India
MUMBAI: The spell of losses seems to be coming to an end with two airlines posting profits in the first quarter of the year. With Spice Jet and Jet airways posting profits in the first quarter, hope is rising again for the aviation industry in India ...
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Gulf's booming airlines forge new links abroad
Chicago Daily Herald
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — During a demonstration flight of Boeing's new 787 high above the United Arab Emirates this summer, one of the plane-maker's representatives jokingly asked an Etihad Airways executive what was next on the airline's ...
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Like many American consumers, Delta Air Lines is paying down its debt

The widespread job losses and plummeting home values that characterized the Great Recession scared many Americans into being more careful with their money.

Some consumers have shied away from buying goods they don't really need. Middle-income Americans have started shopping at thrift stores out of financial necessity or to pursue great deals. And people have been reducing their credit card balances.

Delta Air Lines, the world's second-largest airline, is the commercial equivalent of a disciplined consumer who only spends money on goods that are important to him or her.

Delta, which operates a majority of the flights out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, on Wednesday reported a second-quarter net loss of $168 million. Its quarterly operating profit was $586 million, but special charges that included fuel hedge losses pushed Delta into the loss column.

One of the more intriguing aspects of Delta's conference call with analysts and reporters was the discussion of Delta's debt-reduction strategy.

The Atlanta-based carrier paid down $374 million in debt during the second quarter. Its debt has fallen from about $17 billion to $12.1 billion in recent years, and Delta management is pushing to get debt to a $10 billion level.

Delta is a huge enterprise, which had $18.1 billion in operating revenue for the first half of 2012.

JP Morgan Chase analyst Jamie Baker asked Delta CEO Richard Anderson on Wednesday's call whether the carrier would be "tempted to fall off the wagon" and go on a "growth bender" once Delta's debt drops to $10 billion.

"We're not going on any benders around here, period," replied Anderson. He emphasized that Delta is focused on efforts to "de-risk and de-lever the business," which is precisely what many consumers have been doing with their personal balance sheets.

"We're going to continue to grind down that net debt number," Anderson said.

Just as consumers derive financial benefits from strong credit ratings, Delta's financial discipline caught the attention of Fitch Ratings in mid-June. Fitch upgraded a Delta credit rating, stating it "considers Delta to be currently the strongest player in the much improved airline industry in the U.S."

Outperforming the industry average
It noted that Delta's unit revenues have "outperformed the industry average" for more than a year and that it has carefully matched capacity, airline seats on the market, with consumer demand.

Delta operates more than 13,000 daily flights and during the months of April, May and June, 85.1 percent of the seats on its planes were filled.

Fitch emphasized that Delta's financial prowess also is linked to its "enhanced network and synergies from the Northwest merger, product improvements and significant share gains in premium corporate customers."

Delta acquired Eagan-based Northwest in October 2008, on the eve of the last presidential election.

The airline is investing $3 billion in product and service upgrades and it recently started flying out of Atlanta's new international terminal. It also has established a new hub at LaGuardia in New York.

But there might be some copies of "The New Frugality" by Chris Farrell floating around corporate headquarters. Instead of leasing new airplanes, Delta recently consummated a deal with Southwest Airlines and Boeing to lease Boeing 717s. Those airplanes are being operated by AirTrain Airways, which Southwest acquired in a merger deal.

Delta will be able to get rid of many inefficient 50-seat regional jets and replace them with the Boeing 717s, which seat 117 passengers and have first-class cabins.

While Delta's Anderson prefers to be a leader, not a follower, in the airline industry, he recently surprised the business world when he decided that Delta should buy an oil refinery. The Texas native didn't want his business model to be so vulnerable to the volatility in oil prices.

A Delta subsidiary is gearing up a Pennsylvania refinery to begin production in the next few months. Delta management projects this enterprise will save the airline $300 million a year on fuel expenses.

All of these moves are designed to create ongoing profitability for Delta, which has taken a trip through bankruptcy along with other big U.S. carriers. To maintain profitability, Delta intends to keep its fares high enough to cover its costs and a profit margin.

Delta is hearing complaints from some consumers who think its fares are too expensive, but it is also receiving kudos within the airline industry for being agile in shifting its capacity up or down to match market demand.

Delta has built a reputation for seizing and creating business opportunities. Or, as Anderson said on Wednesday, "At Delta, we will continue to always control our destiny."

How to Beat The Global Aviation Recession

I recently facilitated a famous entrepreneur's book launch where one world-weary journalist questioned the author's optimism, suggesting a better approach would be to prepare for the worst.

Any devotee of personal development training will tell you that to expect the worst is the first step towards guaranteed disaster. But the entrepreneur's intrinsically rose-tinted glasses do need to be tempered with reality during hard times.

When the recession first hit I realised that my industry, meetings and events, would be adversely affected, as it represented a discretionary spend for most companies. I therefore spent significant time at my trade...

...association, the Professional Speaking Association, learning from the best practice of my peers.

My conclusion was to spend time broadening my own offers to existing customers and to simultaneously seek out new products, services and markets. The overall challenge was clearly around sales, particularly how to target those customers who still had money to spend.

James Stevenson started Virtual Aviation with £3,000 capital in 1997 after learning to fly but deciding against pursuing a career as a commercial pilot. The idea behind the company was to enable aviation enthusiasts to experience the thrill of flying a big jet.

He persuaded several airlines, including Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, to sell spare simulator time that he leased out to professional pilots seeking certification.
However, the recession caused airlines to abruptly halt all pilot recruitment, not even replacing pilots that had retired.

As Virtual Aviation was unable to influence the airlines directly, they turned their attention to the growing corporate event market. As an expensive and discretionary spend, they realised this would be a challenging market, so they specifically targeted only those who could afford to pay.

It is the natural reaction of most companies to reduce their prices in hard times. But those that can demonstrate.they have a unique and valued service should always find ways of increasing their prices while simultaneously increasing the quality of their delivery.

Stevenson immediately discontinued their cheapest offering and focused on doubling the average order value and increasing the average lifetime value of a customer. They put every effort into increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging referrals, while increasing the value of repeat business from 50% to 80%. This, in turn, has reduced their overall marketing spend to only 5% of sales.

They noticed that their bookings soon moved from customers looking to provide teambuilding for their staff to those using the simulators to entertain existing and potential clients. The result is that in September of this year, in the deepest recession that many of can remember, they broke two sales records: the best day and the best week ever.

Many of us of a certain age are amazed by the animation quality of contemporary computer games, but understand that they are designed for teenagers with appropriate dexterity and quick reactions. But to sit in an Airbus 330 is to experience probably the best computer game available outside of the US Military.

Former MDLR Airlines staffer commits suicide; Delhi Police register case against Haryana minister

 A 23-year-old ex-director of MDLR airlines committed suicide at her northwest Delhi home late on Sunday night. The deceased has been identified as Geetika Sharma who lived in Ashok Vihar area.

The police have recovered a suicide note from the spot in which the ex-MDLR employee has blamed Haryana minister of state, Gopal Kanda, for allegedly harassing her mentally.

Senior officers and family members confirmed this and the Delhi Police have registered a case of abetment to suicide against Kanda under section 306 of IPC.

Geetika quickly rose up to the post of director in the company before quitting the job last month.

In her suicide note, Geetika had claimed that Kanda was mentally torturing her after she left the job in his company. She also wrote that he was pressurizing her to join his firm again.

"They have broken my trust. They have cheated me. Due to this, I am committing suicide," said the suicide note.

Geetika's brother Gaurav alleged that Kanda often visited their home after her sister joined MDLR Airlines, which he owned, as an air hostess around one and a half years back.

He further said, "When the airline's operation was suspended, Kanda offered her another job. She refused that offer and joined Emirates in Dubai. Kanda then wrote a letter to Emirates claimimg that Geetika was a woman of bad character. This led to her termination from the airline. Kanda also told her that she will have to work only in his company and nowhere else."

"I have believed these people, but they are not trustworthy. She has said that whatever has happened with her, it shouldn't happen with anyone else. To save herself from these circumstances, she was taking this step," her brother said quoting the suicide note.

"After my sister quit the job, Kanda came home again and persuaded her to rejoin. When she did not agree, he offered her a job in another company owned by him called Supersonic in Gurgaon," Gaurav alleged.

In the early hours of Sunday police received a call regarding the incident and rushed to the spot.

"She was found hanging from the ceiling. We rushed her to the hospital where she was declared brought dead. Her body was sent for post-mortem. We will be able to ascertain further details after the autopsy report arrives," said a senior police officer.

Meanwhile, senior cops, including DCP northwest P Karunakaran, reached the spot and began investigations.

The cops are analyzing the call records of the deceased and have seized her mobile phone along with her personal diary.

The suicide note is being examined too and the seizures will be examined by the forensic experts.

News for Former MDLR Airlines staff commits suicide ...

Former MDLR Airlines staff commits suicide; Delhi Police register case against Haryana minister

Times of India‎ - 7 hours ago
NEW DELHI: A 23-year-old ex-director of MDLR airlines committed suicide at her northwest Delhi home late on Sunday night. The deceased ...
Former MDLR Airlines staffer commits suicide; Delhi Police register case against Haryana minister
Times of India‎ - 6 hours ago
Women commits suicide, abetment case against Haryana Minister
The Hindu‎ - 6 hours ago
Former MDLR Airlines staffer commits suicide; Delhi Police register ... hours ago – Former MDLR Airlines staffer commits suicide; Delhi Police register case against Haryana minister. The writer has posted comments on this ...
NCW to probe ex-MDLR Airline employee's suicide : North, News ... hours ago – Gitika Sharma was ex-employee of a private airline. ... former flight attendant committing suicide and blaming Haryana minister Gopal Kanda for ... Delhi Police has registered a case of abetment to suicide against the Haryana ...
Former airhostess commits suicide, case against Haryana minister ... › INDIA3 hours ago – Former airhostess commits suicide, case against Haryana minister ... trouble as Delhi Police registered a case of abetment to suicide against him after a former woman employee of his now defunct airline MDLR allegedly took ...
Airline employee commits suicide, police books Haryana minister ... hours ago – Airline employee commits suicide, police books Haryana minister - A former employee of now defunct MDLR airline allegedly committed ... as Delhi Police registered a case of abetment to suicide against him after a former ...
Airline employee commits suicide,police books Haryana minister hour ago – Airline employee commits suicide,police books Haryana minister | The ... A former employee of now defunct MDLR airline allegedly committed suicide in her north-west Delhi residence, with police today registering a case against a Haryana minister, who is the owner, on charges of abetment of suicide.
Women commits suicide, abetment case against Haryana Minister › News › National6 hours ago – A 23-year-old former woman employee of now defunct MDLR airline ... New Delhi and police on Sunday registered a case against a Haryana ...
Former MDLR Airlines staff commits suicide; Delhi Police register ... hours ago – Former MDLR Airlines staff commits suicide; Delhi Police register case against Haryana minister ♢ Police recovered a suicide note in which the ...
Airline employee commits suicide, police books Haryana minister ... › India5 hours ago – Airline employee commits suicide, police books Haryana minister ... A former employee of now defunct MDLR airline allegedly committed suicide in her north-west Delhi residence, with police on Sunday ... Police registered a case against Gopal Kanda RPT Kanda, the owner of the airline and Minister of ...
Air hostess suicide: Chief Minister Hooda promises action - NDTV › All India2 hours ago – With a case registered in Delhi against Haryana Minister Gopal Kanda in connection with suicide of a 23-year-old former air hostess of MDLR airline, chief minister ... MDLR airline allegedly committed suicide at her Delhi residence. ... over continuing mental harassment allegedly by the minister, police said.

Saturday 4 August 2012

Tackle the most difficult tasks first.


You might be dreading getting started on a difficult task, and procrastination can only make your dread worse! Instead, take charge and decide to conquer that one big task you hate to do – and the rest of your day will be smooth sailing.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Play with your children / pets.

Keeping with the “fun” theme here, you can also set aside some time to goof around with your children or family pets and enjoy the same benefits described above. However, be sure to really let go and get into the spirit of it; pretending to have a good time while feeling stressed about the work you “should” be doing won’t accomplish anything.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Cloud Computing In Asia

Cloud computing promises reliable services delivered through next-generation data centers that are built on compute and storage virtualization technologies. Users will be able to access applications and data from a “Cloud” anywhere in the world on demand. In other words, the Cloud appears to be a single point of access for all the computing needs of users. The users are assured that the Cloud infrastructure is robust and will always be available at any time. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the term given to the use of multiple server computers via a digital network as if they were one computer. The ‘Cloud’ itself is a virtualization of resources – networks, servers, applications, data storage and services – which the end user has on-demand access to. These resources can be provided with minimal management or service provider interaction.

Cloud computing offers the end user resources without the requirement of having knowledge of the systems that deliver it. Additionally, the cloud can provide the user with a far greater range of applications and services. Therefore the cloud enables users and business scalable and tailored services.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing brings with it many benefits to the end user. These include:
Access to a huge range of applications without having to download or install anything
Applications can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world
Users can avoid expenditure on hardware and software; only using what they need
Companies can share resources in one place
Consumption is billed as a utility with minimal upfront costs
Scalability via on-demand resources
Identify essential elements
Describe the pros and cons
Understand the business case for going to the cloud
Describe how to build a cloud network
Understand virtualization architecture
Describe security and privacy issues
Understand federation and presence
Describe cloud computing standards and best practices
Describe how mobile devices can be used in the cloud

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Cloud Computing,

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All female flying crew makes history at SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines’ lady pilots have quietly revolutionized aviation in Sri Lanka, with several international flights being carried out by all-female crews.
Captain Anusha Siriratne and Junior First Officer Madini Chandradasa were the first all-female crew, operating a flight from Colombo to Trichy and back on 1st November 2009. Each leg on an Airbus A320 aircraft took one hour.

They repeated the feat on New Year’s Day 2010 by flying to Karachi and returning, also in a twin-engined A320, with each flight taking three hours and forty minutes.

The airline currently has four ladies among its 189 pilots, the others being Senior First Officers Chamika Rupasinghe and Roshani Jinasena.

SriLankan’s Head of Flight Operations, Captain Druvi Perera, said: "These flights by Capt. Siriratne and Junior First Officer Chandradasa are a milestone at SriLankan Airlines. SriLankan does not discriminate between men and women in its recruitment for any post, including pilots, and it was simply a matter of time before our lady pilots made history with an all-female flight."

"Of course, the all-female crew flights are no different to those operated by male pilots. At SriLankan, where safety is of paramount importance, what matters is not a pilot’s gender, but his or her experience, training, and expertise," added Capt. Perera.

SriLankan has a perfect flight safety record over more than three decades of operations, the result of some very tough standards for its pilots. All pilots must have a minimum of seven years of commercial airline experience before being considered for the respected post of Captain.

Capt. Anusha Siriratne, 34, is at present the first and only lady Captain at SriLankan, and has been flying since 1998. She has flown aircraft such as the Lockheed L1011 Tristar, Airbus A320, A330, and A340. But she is adamant that there is nothing special about an all-female flight crew.

"Women took to the air only a few years after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, and some have been pioneers in aviation, although there have been fewer women flyers than male ones. Many airlines around the world have women pilots, and there is absolutely no difference between the flying of male and female pilots," said Capt. Siriratne.

She has been making history since becoming a Junior First Officer a dozen years ago, becoming the country’s pioneering First Officer in 1999, and then being promoted to Captain in 2008. She and her husband, Capt. Hemantha Siriratne, are also the first husband-wife duo to be Captains at SriLankan. A past student of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya and of Ladies College, she is also a perfect example of a working mother, with a six-year-old daughter.

Junior First Officer Madini Chandradasa said: "Flying for our National Carrier has certainly been a rewarding experience. The senior pilots at SriLankan possess a wealth of experience which youngsters can learn from. But I must say that there was no difference in flying with a male Captain, and flying with Capt. Siriratne, who is greatly respected in the airline and has served as a role model for other women pilots."

Madini, 22, is a past student of Visakha Vidyalaya who joined SriLankan two years ago.

All four lady pilots trained in SriLankan’s Cadet Pilot Training Programme, which has launched the careers of hundreds of pilots over the last three decades who have gone on to distinguish themselves both at the National Carrier and in other airlines throughout Asia and the Middle East. Entry into its Cadet Pilot Training Programme is especially competitive, and most cadets today possess university degrees, as well as experience in flying light aircraft and small commercial aircraft.

Senior First Officers Chamika Rupasinghe and Roshani Jinasena are now flying the long-haul A330 and A340 aircraft to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Chamika, 32, was a Flight Stewardess who joined the airline’s Cadet Pilot Training Programme in 2005 and earned her wings. A past student of Visakha Vidyalaya, she graduated from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura with a degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, and is also CIMA qualified.

Roshani, 26, joined the airline as a Cadet Pilot in 2005. She holds a BSc in Management from the University of Surrey, and is a past student of Ladies College, the British School, and the Colombo International School.

Capt. Perera says the airline is very pleased with the progress of its lady pilots. "SriLankan Airlines encourages more young women to seriously consider careers as airline pilots. As our first four lady pilots have proven, the sky is the limit," said Capt. Perera

Importance of blog link submission, url submission, and Ad Posting for SEO cum Web Master?

Blog submission, url submission and ad posting are some of the popular web marketing tips. Anything in today's throat cut competitive market requires marketing, a need to reach the consumers.
At any cost the seller is ready to reach the consumers, still money plays a big role no matter the mention of 'at any cost'. The easiest and cheapest way to advertise your blogs and websites is url or blog link submission on numerous websites available on the internet.

These sites specifically include the highest visiting social networking sites, search engines and other high traffic websites. This is simply promotion of products or services over the Internet.
It will benefit the blog owners and website owners in the sense of popularity and faith of readers which in turn induces high traffic on their websites and blogs.
This high traffic is converted into revenue , the more people visit their blogs or websites the more revenue will be generated.

This is the basic concept behind posting ads, blog link submission and url submission for a SEO cum webmaster. Now lets have a look at the advantages of these marketing techniques individually.

Advantages of ad posting:

 For example for the business online or traditional brick and mortar store, online ads are the best option that is not only convenient but requires paying nothing at all.

At the online ads, there are many categories to choose from and you can select the appropriate directory for you business product or services. You can not only post your own ad but view other postings as well. From profit to nonprofit, real estate to marketing and Government to management all kinds of categories are there. Unlike the periodical ads, the online ads are not charged per line or letter and size. In fact, the website business owner can use any size or any number of words to create an impressive online ads posting.

Benefits of Blog link submission:

There are innumerable benefits of blog submissions. A webmaster's blog is particularly admired if he/she update it on a regular basis, thereby attracting more visitors and increasing the incoming traffic and generate revenue for his business.

It is because of blog submission, that the website can be found on the Internet quickly and would radically increase the inflow of traffic on your website. It’s an effective tool of online marketing which if employed carefully  can do wonders of a website and eventually business.

Benefits of URL submission:
One of the best effective website marketing strategies is the process called Url submission. It is a tailored process in which you have to submit the Url of your website to a number of links available on the web. Here are some of its benefits:
Url submission can help to acquire back links to website and it is also a key method for achieving high page rank.
will be able to improve the ranking of a website on major search engines thereby allowing  to receive more visitors.
Though url submission is a time consuming job however it is very effective when it comes to expansion of the popularity of  website.
Today, there are over hundreds of online directories available on the Internet and you can submit your website Url on these directories. Moreover, there are many directories who offer free listing. If one have a new website then by submitting the Url of the website one can have it listed quickly in various search engine results.

Why SEO cum Web Master should be smarter than a Software Engineer?

The very first obvious answer to this question is because a webmaster holds more responsibilities than a software engineer. Here are highlights of the responsibilities of a webmaster to make the answer clear:

ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly
designing the website
generating and revising web pages
replying to user comments
examining traffic through the site.
So you can see the duties of a webmaster and how he/she have to manage across the designing as well as marketing of the site.
These points are suffice to conclude that a webmaster need to be smarter than a software engineer as he/she have to travel through a wider horizon of knowledge as well as practical implementation of that knowledge , that only a webmaster can have.

This broader definition of webmaster covers not only technical aspects of overseeing website construction and maintenance, but also managing website content, advertising, marketing, and order fulfillment.
Core responsibilities of the webmaster may include the regulation and management of access rights of different users of a website, the appearance and setting up website navigation. Content placement can be part of a webmaster's numerous duties, though content creation may not be.

Some webmasters of larger sites may also deal with heavy volumes of email, which are often questions related to the content on the website or general computer-related inquiries.
Whereas a software engineer is an engineer who applies the principles of engineering to the design, development, maintaining, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work as per the wikipedia definition.
Please note the last line of the definition which says that a SE makes a computer or anything containing software work. So what about the parts not related to computer?? Anyone can probably wonder this. Here is the answer- a webmaster handles rest of the part.

Why Google , Yahoo, Microsoft like only those Web Masters, whose Website and Blogs have huge number of visitors?

The straight-forward answer here lies in the blog title Why all Search Engines do not prefer to work with less Traffic generated Website and Blog? itself.

Webmasters whose blogs and websites have huge number of visitors will substantially carry huge traffic with them. With this huge blog traffic, very soon, that blog will come out of the Google sandbox and  will receive serious traffic, and even loyal readerships.

This in turn will increase the search engines clicks and in turn the people searching for there stuff start holding a feeling of reliability towards the search engine.
For example a person googling a topic on how to bake cake can best trust the search engine if he/she gets satisfied with in the first page of the displayed results.
The same technicality lying here is the 'brand name' or say 'popularity' of the search engine.
The search engines do not rather want to carry bad names on themselves for displaying the blogs and websites which diverse the search results.

Due to the high marketing value of targeted search results, there is potential for an adversarial relationship between search engines and Webmasters.

Why all Search Engines do not prefer to work with less Traffic generated Website and Blog?

The majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google attracts approximately 60% of worldwide searches at 37 billion, with Yahoo (8.5 billion) and Microsoft (2.2 billion) (numbers taken from website). A number of country-specific search engine companies have also become prominent in their own territories; for example Baidu in China, Guruji in India, Yandex in Russia.

High placements invariably lead to sites receiving an increase in traffic. 78% of users abandoning their search if the first 3 pages don't provide an answer to their question high search engine placements are essential. 28% don't even consider scrolling past the 2nd page of results.

This is the reason why search engines prefer high traffic websites because favouring less traffic websites will in turn result in abandoning the search from that particular search engine and thus decreases the popularity of the search engine. Those 78% of users will not bother to visit the same search engine again because they knew the results of their earlier search. No search engine can carry this bad name with itself that is why high traffic websites are given top most priority.

Just think it on your own - when you search for the 'best ways to convert a PSD file to HTML' will you bother to look for the thousands of search results shown by the engine. NO . This would be your obvious answer. and the websites shown on the first three pages are the highest traffic caring websites indexed by the search engines.

  High traffic can be converted to revenue through sales, advertising revenue, referrals, votes or whatever call to action is invoked on landing pages. Smart, professional Search Engine Optimisation yielding high organic returns (70% of search engine users prefer organic search returns to sponsored links or PPC) can deliver extremely powerful results.

How an Smart Web Master can take advantage of Global recession?

Recession is caused when consumers do not spend money hence become savers to cut company costs.
It is the time period of great suffering for employees of every company. The workforce which get severely affect are software engineers, labours and every other employer related with Information technology.

On the contrary this the period where webmasters can take advantage to the most.
To whatever level the recession has reached people will not stop surfing the internet, there still will be huge surfing and clicking of the websites addresses as well as google ads.
Here comes the concept of SEO, which apart from being in the mid of marketing, benefits alot to the webmasters. This is because of the reason a webmaster know the technique and idea behind pay-per-click and also they are aware of every concept about marketing strategy.
Whether you're the webmaster of a site with a moderated blog, forum or discussion lists you're always able to keep your work on track even if the recession monster is haunting the world.

In simple words lets say that a web master is a masterblaster or you can say he/she is a multi talented personality having sound knowledge of HTML,CSS and other web technologies as well well equipped with the knowledge of how to sell your product in market that's what people in industry call it MARKETING.
Even if the recession monster haunts, a webmaster can challenge it with full zeal.Let's take an example:
Suppose that a industry runs a business of hardware selling. During recession there may be a situation where the demand of people decrease but the marketing of the products need to be done. Here the webmaster take the advantage, because he is the one dealing with real marketing world and knows the strategy of how to indulge the customers atleast on to reading there marketing banners, blogs, emails related to the product.

What is viral marketing

Viral marketing is an idea that spreads--and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause.
Two kinds of viral marketing: The original classic sort in which the marketing isthe product and which a self-amplifying cycle occurs. Hotmail, for example, or YouTube. The more people use them, the more people see them. The more people see them, the more people use them. The product or service must be something that improves once more people use it.
A second kind has evolved over the last few years, and that's a marketing campaign that spreads but isn't the product itself.
Shepard Fairey's poster of Barack Obama was everywhere, because people chose to spread it. It was viral (it spread) and it was marketing (because it made an argument--a visual one--for a candidate.)
Something being viral is not, in an of itself, viral marketing. Who cares that 32,000,000 people saw your stupid video? It didn't market you or your business in a tangible, useful way.
Marketers are obsessed with free media, and, as is often the case, we blow it in our rush to get our share. We create content that is hampered or selfish or boring. Or we create something completely viral that doesn't do any marketing at all.
Here's how a book can itself become an example of viral marketing:
1. I posted the PDF of a book for free. Three thousand people downloaded it on day one.
2. The file is small enough to email to your friends. I encouraged people to do just that.
3. Some people mailed it to fifty or a hundred people. It spread.
4. That's just viral.
The critical element of viral marketing is this: it's built in. It was built into Hotmail and built into YouTube. The more people used the camera on their cell phones, the more the idea spread, the more people wanted a camera.
If you want to do viral marketing, you can try to come up with a viral ad, but you'll probably fail. You're better off building the viral right into the product, creating a product that spreads because you designed it that way.
Viral marketing only works well when you plan for it, when you build it in, when you organize your offering to be spreadable, interesting and to work better for everyone involved when it spreads. If I don't benefit from spreading it, why should I spread it? I won't. If you don't benefit from your users spreading the idea, it might spread, but it won't help you much. So both elements have to be present.
The reason for this post is that viral marketing is getting a bad name, largely from clueless marketing agencies and clueless marketers. Here's what they do: they get a lame product, or a semi-lame product, and they don't have enough time or money to run a nationwide ad campaign. So, instead, they slap some goofy viral thing on top of it and wait for it to spread. And if it doesn't spread, they create a faux controversy or engage a PR firm or some bloggers and then it still doesn't work.
Being viral isn't the hard part. The hard part is making that viral element actually produce something of value, not just entertainment for the client or your boss.

What is social networking

Social Networking. . . It's the way the 21st century communicates today. Want to know what it really means?
Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will.  Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online.

This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other people, to gather and share first-hand information and experiences about cooking, golfing, gardening, developing friendships professional alliances, finding employment, business-to-business marketing. The topics and interests are as varied and rich as the story of our universe.

When it comes to online social networking, websites are commonly used. These websites are known as social sites. Social networking websites function like an online community of internet users. Depending on the website in question, many of these online community members share common interests in hobbies, religion, politics and alternative lifestyles. Once you are granted access to a social networking website you can begin to socialize. This socialization may include reading the profile pages of other members and possibly even contacting them.

Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years, but it can still be very difficult to understand for someone new to social networking. The open-ended nature of social networks add to this.
 Once signed onto a social network, having answered a few basic profile questions, it is easy to sit back and wonder what you are supposed to do next.
The easiest way to understand social networking is to think of it like high school. You had friends in school, and you knew quite a few people even if you weren't friends with all of them, but it's likely that you didn't know everyone.

If you ever moved to a new school -- or if you can imagine moving to a new school -- you start out with no friends. After attending classes, you start meeting people, and as you meet them, you begin associating with those that have similar interests.
Getting started with social networking is much the same as starting at a new school. At first, you don't have any friends. But as you join groups, you begin to meet people, and you build a friends list of those with similar interests.
Social Networking Architecture:
Social networking is based on a certain structure that allow people to both express their individuality and meet people with similar interests. This structure includes having profiles, friends, blog posts, widgets, and usually something unique to that particular social networking website -- such as the ability to 'poke' people on Facebookor high-five someone on Hi5.

Profile. -

This is where you tell the world about yourself. Profiles contain basic information, like where you live and how old you are, and personality questions, like who's your favorite actor and what's your favorite book. Social networks dedicated to a special theme like music or movies might ask questions related to that theme.

Friends. -

Friends are trusted members of the site that are allowed to post comments on your profile or send you private messages. You can also keep tabs on how your friends are using social networking, such as when they post a new picture or update their profile. Friends are the heart and soul of social networking. It should be noted that not all social networks refer to them as 'friends' -- LinkedIn refers to them as 'connections -- but all social networks have a way to designate members as trusted.


Most social networks use groups to help you find people with similar interests or engage in discussions on certain topics. A group can be anything from "Johnson High Class of '98" to "People Who Like Books" to "Doors Fans". They are both a way to connect with like-minded people and a way to identify your interests. Sometimes, groups are called by other names, such as the 'networks' on Facebook.


A primary focus of groups is to create interaction between users in the form of discussions. Most social networking websites support discussion boards for the groups, and many also allow members of the group to post pictures, music, video clips, and other tidbits related to the group.


Another feature of some social networks is the ability to create your own blog entries. While not as feature-rich as blog hosts likeWordpress or Blogger, blogging through a social network is perfect for keeping people informed on what you are up to.


A popular way of letting your personality shine through is by gracing your social networking profile with web widgets. Many social networks allow a variety of widgets, and you can usually find interesting widgets located on widget galleries.
Why Start Social Networking?
Social Networking is a nice form of entertainment, great for meeting people with similar interests, and can be a very effective business technique for entrepreneurs, writers, actors, musicians or artists.
Most of us have hobbies, or things that we are keenly interested in such as books, television, video games or movies. Social networks allow us to reach out to others that have the same interests.
For example, if you like movies, Flixster can help you decide if you might like a new movie just out at the theaters. If you like music, Last.FM can help you find new artists that are similar to your favorite bands.
Am I Too Old To Start Social Networking?
You are never too old to get involved in social networking! There are plenty of social networks to choose from including niche social networks that focus on a specific theme like TakePart, a network for social activism, and 43 Things, a social network dedicated to goal setting.