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A 30 year-old Tata Consultancy Services, TCS software engineer landed behind bars

Why women Employees of TCS, Infosys, Wipro  becoming Corrupt ?  tcs, tcs careers, tcs bpo, accenture, tcs wikipedia, tcs ceo, tcs tracking, tcs webmail, tcs ultimatix A 30-year-old TCS software engineer landed behind bars on Wednesday for helping a friend swindle Rs 49 lakh from customers of a private bank in the city. Working for TCS eServe, which handled the back-end operations of Citibank, she had access to sensitive information of account holders, police said. Accused Pratiksha used her access to the account details to change the addresses of two customers. This misguided the bank to send credit and debit cards to the new addresses, where proxies received them. They used the cards to purchase goods and withdraw money. The bank found some discrepancies and informed the software company, which later found that the data had been accessed from Pratiksha's computer. Based on the complaint of a senior TCS official, bank fraud wing sleuths of the Central Crim