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Thursday, 7 February 2013

What are the requirements to become a Mystery Shopper?

We are searching for individuals who;

Are at least 20 years old;
Are objective in their observations;
Have an eye for detail when evaluating shops;
Are trustworthy in their deadlines and appointments;
Are motivated to perform mystery visits;
Like variation and a challenge in daily tasks;
Have a basic knowledge of the local language;(language depending on the office you want to work for)
Have basic computer skills and internet access;
Are reachable through telephone;
Are able to travel short distances

Tips for getting more offers

Link with Google Analytics
We use your Google Analytics data to provide advertisers with accurate tools for segmentation.

Grammar check your posts.
Keep your layout clean.
Maintain a good mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content.
Find your niche. Pick a theme and stick to it.

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