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Simran Kaur

Meet Simran Kaur and  She just completed her schooling and now  she is in Collage from SOL (open). She  born in Delhi and next month she will stepped into 18. She really want to do something for  her family in future and  she think this platform  will  be the first step. She is  available on whatsapp ,facebook and LinkedIn. She would like to join Alfa Bloggers by this way.  Details  Facebook :simran Kaur  LinkedIn :simran Kaur  Explaining the meaning of ‘Association’.  “The rain drop from the Sky:  If it is caught in hands,  it is pure enough for Drinking.  If it falls in a Gutter,  its value drops so much that it can’t be used  Even for washing the feet.  If it falls on hot surface,  it perishes.  If it falls on lotus leaf,  it shines like a pearl and finally,  if it falls on oyster,  it becomes a pearl.  The Drop is same,  But its Existence & Worth  Depend on with whom it Associates.” Always be associated with People who are Good at Heart.