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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Android App Internship

Dear Fellow applicant,

Ref to your reply for an Intern for   Organisation is such platform that welcomes all the members who are active on their Social Media Sites and could earn money and they get benefitted with nice experience of being a part of this company. Especially the woman who is at home can take this wonderful opportunity. There are a number of blogs for this company such as where all the motivation blogs can be written and help readers to guide on a rightful path, place where to get a new talent,this blog is recognising those women who have come up and reached so many things and others to learn from them, there is no dream that can not come true if a girl really wishes to achieve. Educating your followers there is a wide scope of e-learning nowadays and people are preferring them rather going and attending classes this is saving a allot of time and money as well. Reviews of the products there can be people out there who can be technology savvy and try to buy the most advanced products that are released in the market but they may not be knowing how they actually work or is it really worth buying them so here comes the role of people who review ion the newly released products it could be gadgets or cosmetics or books anything. 

Send us your Bio along with given  below details [ No attachments please] Attach only few Clear Pics 

Name : 

WhatsApp No : 

Facebook : 

Linkedin : 

Twitter :

eMail :-

Timing for Submission: 1130 Hrs to 1330 Hrs [ Mon - Fri ] 

Duration  ; 45 Days / 3 Months / 6 Months

Fees    :   Rs. 5000 / 10,000 / 25,000 Only 

Download our Apps  :

See our Projects :

App  [ Please Download with 5 Star Reviews ]


Contact : 

HR Manager

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