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Covid-19 brings Down the Curtain on Bollywood

Covid-19 brings Down the Curtain on Bollywood!   India’s movie industry has gone dark under lockdown and social distancing may never be the same.   In good times Bollywood films pack India’s theatres, with cinemas often running at full seating capacity from dawn to midnight. Last year, the country recorded more than two billion ticketed cinema admissions. But the box offices are closed these days due to a nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, with no sign in sight for when they may reopen. Theatres have been closed since March 25 and will remain so until at least May 31, as the government recently extended a strict quarantine across most states. If and how they will reopen under coronavirus social distancing measures is a question that now weighs heavy over Bollywood, India’s Mumbai-based equivalent of America’s Hollywood. Bollywood movies earned $2.8 billion in revenues last year, with almost 1,800 movies released in various Indian languages on 9,600 screens nationwide, accordin