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It’s Not Always Sunny in Cloud Computing

 A Look At The Risks With so many organizations moving to some type of cloud model, we’ve been able to gain greater visibility into the design, maintenance and security of cloud computing. A well-planned cloud deployment can serve a company very well. To accomplish this, there has to be thorough planning and a solid use-case for moving towards a cloud platform. Steering Clear of Drawbacks Unfortunately, there are some issues to manage in the cloud model. Truth be told, there are still some inherent drawbacks and weaknesses to a cloud model’s security or design. Not everyone utilizes cloud best practices. And, expecting too much from a cloud provider can lead to overuse and improper utilization of cloud resources. The bottom line: it’s not always sunny in the cloud computing world. Cloud Considerations Although we’ve come a long way with cloud design, there are still some concerns and issues to overcome. There are so many moving parts that create a cloud environme