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First Coast Job Market damaged by Global Recession, Real Estate, Home Construction and Financing posts on the skids

As the Great Recession has set back and even wiped out countless middle-class jobs worldwide, First Coast economists warn job hunters to gear their professional interests away from some traditional trades. Candace Moody, vice president of communications for WorkSource on the First Coast, said the North Florida job market is hardly unscathed. “The first [trade] that comes to mind is construction,” Moody said. “It wasn’t that long ago that every single construction worker on the First Coast was employed.” Part of the trigger to the recession was the collapse of the housing market, and in Northeast Florida that left a glut of new homes. Moody said home construction will obviously continue at some pace, but it’s not likely to return to the level and corresponding employment seen before 2008. “That will probably never be replicated,” she said. “Most of those workers found that when we had a surplus of homes with foreclosures coming on [and] are not going to find work again.” Wor